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  • Sinbad's character "Mr. Wheat" is named after writer and producer Dan Schneider's high school math teacher, Gough Wheat, at White Station High School in Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Linda Cardellini's feature film debut.
  • Based on the skit "Good Burger" from the Nickelodeon series, All That (1994).
  • The scene where Ed and Dexter have their dates with Roxanne and Monique was filmed at Malibu Castle in Redondo Beach, California. As of 2013, the castle and golf courses are completely gone and it is now the site of a hotel franchise.
  • The Samantha Courtyard shopping center was used for the filming location of the Mondo Burger restaurant with extra details added to the facade for the film. The property was 3.52 acres wide.
  • Manny's El Loco restaurant was used for the filming location of the Good Burger restaurant.
  • The theatrical trailer featured a scene that did not quite make it to the film. It featured a Good Burger customer saying "Just give me a good shake" and then Ed reaching over the counter to shake him.
  • In the beginning of the movie, when Ed is hurrying to Good Burger and the customer is counting down from 5, you can see a fold-out chair on the roof. Like from the scene where they go to Ed's "secret" place.
  • To date, the only Nickelodeon Theatrical movie based on a live-action show. Although technically, it wasn't based on the show, but rather a skit from within the show. There was no "Good Burger" show, but it was a skit from All That (1994).
  • Good Burger manager Mr. Bailey is played by Dan Schneider, who wrote the screenplay and also created many Nickelodeon shows, including All That which also starred Keenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell, which featured the recurring skit on which the film is based.
  • The first line in the film is the same as the last line. "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?"
  • In 1998, Dan Scheinder had wrote a script called Good Burger 2 Go, a sequel to the original film that had Ed and Dexter uncovering a scandal when a British conglomerate buys the Good Burger restaurant. Paramount had turned down the script for unknown reasons and Steve Holland was hired to turn the script into a paperback novel.
  • To promote the film, there was the "Good Burger, Good Premiere, Good Sweepstakes". Four grand prize winners won tickets to the film's premiere, $1000, and they got to meet Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell. 100 first prize winners won a fabric hat with dreadlocks resembling those of the main character Ed's, and 500 second place winners won a copy of the film's soundtrack that had a label saying it was "Licensed for Promotional Use. Not for sale."
  • Has yet to be released on Blu-Ray format, the only official HD version that exists is on Netflix.
  • The ice cream truck that Otis, Dexter, and Ed steal reads "O'Beese Bros."
  • Actress and model Carmen Electra makes an uncredited appearance in the film as Roxanne, the Mondo Burger employee who tries (and ultimately fails) to seduce the sauce recipe from Ed.
  • Recording artist George Clinton appears in the film as the blond dreadlocked patient at Demented Hills. He is credited as Dancing Crazy.
  • There are at least two employees at Good Burger (an African-American man and a Caucasian woman with blonde hair) whose names we never learn, nor do we hear them speak.
  • Although the customers and employees are only ever seen eating the Good Burgers and Good Fries, the menu (which can be seen behind Ed several times) shows that Good Burger also serves Good Chunks, Good Chickwiches, Good Weenies, Good Tacos, Good Chili, and Good Pickles. Their Good Beverage selection includes Coca-Cola products, Good Shakes and Good Coffee. And their dessert menu consists of Good Cookies and Good Pies.
  • The DVD for the film has no special features, which have been requested by many fans of the film. Two fans, that being Mason Morgan & Ryun Jones had made a message on their show The Marvelous M Show (2011), asking Nickelodeon and Paramount to make a 20th Anniversary Blu-Ray Disc by summer of 2017 featuring the making of special "On the Job with Kenan & Kel", the music video to Ed's song "We're All Dudes", some deleted scenes, and Bumpers from "Nick in the Afternoon" featuring the premiere of the film. Paramount and Nickelodeon has yet to respond to any of these requests.
  • Of all the main characters, Spatch has no actual spoken lines for himself. He either says words with the other cast members or makes some noises during the movie's process.
  • Kenan Thompson told The Morning Call that at one point, there was virtually two-thousand pounds of meat on the set; some of it being old. "It was so nasty. Some of the burgers would stay out there for a long time. I felt sorry for the extras who had to eat them with cold, clammy fries. But on screen, those burgers look good."
  • In order to keep the food looking good on screen, Elmer's glue was used. When Mitchell's character scooped out ice cream in the movie, it was really vegetable shortening with food coloring.
  • According to Kel Mitchell, Abe Vigoda was able to run and climb over fences on set despite his age at the time.
  • Per Dexter's calculations, $5 an hour, 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, it would have taken at least 13 weeks to pay off the $1900 in repair bills.
  • Dexters Moms car is a, 1995 Nissan 300ZX 2+2 [Z32].
  • Mr. Wheats car was a, 1993 Infiniti J30 [Y32].
  • Kurt drives a, 1997 GMC Yukon SLT.
  • The "burgermobile" was a, 1976 AMC Pacer.
  • When Ed was throwing ice cream and yelling the name of the flavors, it was a reference to the Goonies, where Chunk finds a cache of ice cream and begins listing off the many flavors.
  • At one point in the film Otis says, "I should've died years ago." This is a reference to the fact that the actor, Abe Vigoda, had been mistakenly reported dead by the press on numerous occasions.
  • In some shots, outside through the Good Burger restaurant window, a Blockbuster video store is seen across the street.
  • In the Good Burger sketches, one of Ed's famous catch phrases was "That'll be eight bucks." He never says this in the movie.
  • The Good Burger Coca Cola fountain dispenser has 5 fountains but only two beverages. Two Coca Colas and Three Diet Cokes. The Coca Colas are on the ends and the Diet Cokes are in the middle.


  • Monique is the only person other than Ed who says the signature, "Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger. Can I take your order?" phrase throughout the whole movie.
  • The names of Kurt's two lackeys/right hands are never mentioned at any point in the movie. The credits reveal their names to be Troy (the Caucasian one) and Griffen (the African-American one).
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