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  • When Ed is reading the contract Dexter gave him, the top right corner of the paper is clean. A little while later, the top right corner is messy from the sauce. When he hands it back to Dexter, it is clean again.
  • When the Demented Hills patients are dancing, one man is in a straight jacket. It alternates between open and closed.
  • When Otis discovers Ed and Dexter in the asylum, Abe Vigoda mouths several lines of dialogue.
  • When Ed swims in the milkshake machine, the pink solution in the front window clearly does not connect with the rest of the machine.
  • When Dexter and Monique go for a walk after their date, the back of Monique's hat goes from folded down to turned up.
  • The boys enter Mondo Burger through a heavily smoking chimney, but they land in a laundry bin, instead of on the stove.
  • Ed's hat flies off while jumping out of the window. When he lands, his hat is back on.
  • When Mr. Baily brings a Mondo Burger into Good Burger, Spatch puts the burger onto his spatula, and it bends. In the next shot, the spatula is straight.
  • When Ed and Dexter return from Demented Hills, they are in blue scrubs. When they sneak over to Mondo Burger, they are in their Good Burger uniforms.
  • When the huge display burger falls off the roof of Mondo Burger, the crane wire is visible.
  • When the boys land in the laundry basket, Ed's wig is hanging on the edge of the basket. In the next shot, he is coming up from under the clothes, and his wig is back on.
  • At the very end, when everyone is cheering for Ed, Heather is in the crowd. She is supposed to be at Demented Hills.
  • When the boys sneak into Mondo Burger, the shadow of the camera is visible on the Frito-Lay truck.
  • When Kurt is arrested, the camera and a crew member are reflected in the side of the police car.
  • When Dexter makes his first burger at Mondo Burger, slices of tomato in front of the bun appear and disappear between shots.
  • When the Burger-Mobile knocks over Mr. Wheat's mailbox, the camera's shadow is visible.
  • When the dog is barking at Ed and Dexter, Ed says "What's wrong?", but his mouth doesn't move.
  • When the dog is barking at Ed, he translates that there are 4 clowns stuck after their car broke down. When they show the clowns, there are actually 5.
  • If you look closely, the raw meat in burger grinder that Ed pours the Triampathol into and the meat from the exploding burger patties is clearly shredded up red foam padding.
  • After Ed and Dexter fall into the laundry basket, Dexter says he needed to distract the kitchen staff so Ed could come in and steal a bottle of Triampathol. They didn't need to enter the kitchen when they could easily have just grabbed one of the boxes of the food additive that were sitting on the shelves behind them.
  • When the crew is cleaning up, Otis says that it was closing time. Kurt comes in to tell the crew that that night was the big opening night for Mondo Burger. After Good Burger's electricity goes out due to Mondo Burger, the crew is sitting around in the dark. Dexter comments that since there were no customers, they should leave. The store was already supposed to be closed, so they wouldn't have been there anyway.
  • During the entire movie it is showed that Ed is the only one at "Good Burger" who can take orders while the others never take orders when he is not around and always refer to him or call him when a customer orders food. However towards the end, Monique has no problems in taking a customer's order.
  • Ed revealed that he spoke his first words at age six. However, in one Good Burger skit featuring Tyra Banks, it's revealed that Ed said his first words at age 11.
  • Inside the Good Burger restaurant, there is a sign says that they have a breakfast special that ends at 9am, but later on the movie they revealed the store opens at 10am.
  • Dexter tells Ed to steal a can filled Triampathol. He instead touches two cans with his bare hands and mixes it into the grinder. As he is walking away from Mondo Burger, he explains to Dexter about the court and justice process. What he failed to realize is that when the cops took the two cans in as evidence, his fingerprints are on them.
  • Dexter is supposed to surprise Ed by hiding on the other side of Kurt's car. When Kurt pulls up to Good Burger to let Ed out, Dexter is no where to be seen. As soon as Kurt drives away, Dexter can be seen through the car windows as he begins to get up.
  • When Dexter is driving his mom's car, just before he runs into Ed on the roller blades, you can see a police officer on the right tracking the traffic stop for the scene being filmed.
  • When Ed attacks that elderly lady due to the shark poison in their burgers, a pair of dentures is next to the lady on the ground when the manager drags Ed off of her.
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