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  • This movie states that Ghidorah is a fairly recent discovery thus Monarch has had little time to study him. Except that the post-credit scene in Kong: Skull Island (2017), set in 1973, shows that Monarch knows about him along with Godzilla, Rodan, and Mothra. However, this was simply a cave painting that offered a physical description of Ghidorah and not much else, Ghidorah himself was discovered by Monarch in 2016 frozen in ice.
  • On the touch screen guide to the locations of the Titans, the Titan in Australia is listed as being located at Ayers Rock. The name was officially changed to Uluru in 2002. The name comes from the Pitjantjatjara Anangu, the Aboriginal people of the area who are the traditional landowners of Uluru.
  • When there is a pan out of Fenway Park you can see The Charles River, on the river is a navy destroyer, there is no way to get a ship that large all the way down the river to that area, all bridges are to low and the locks at the Museum of Science are to small.
  • Stanton claims that homo sapiens are carnivores. However, all hominids are omnivores.
  • It was stated that Washington, DC was being hit by a category 6 hurricane. The Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale only goes to category 5; no matter how strong, a hurricane couldn't be a category 6.
  • The concept of "Alpha of the Titans" relies on the theory of "Alphas" in wolf packs, with the Monarch scientists explicitly referencing said theory, despite it being debunked about 20 years before the film's release (by the same scientist that originally proposed it, no less!). That said, the idea could still work in terms of the Titans, since the old idea of "Alphas" can form amongst unrelated individuals forced into a pack, which is basically what is happening here (although a scientist referencing this idea straight still falls under artistic license).
  • Godzilla makes landfall from the Charles River. But one in-between shot shows him stepping out of the Boston Bay at the Financial District, several miles East, with the Monarch fleet in tow. (There's also the issue of Godzilla having to take a circuitous route to navigate the Charles, which is too shallow to accommodate a creature of his girth, instead of just stomping into town directly from the ocean.)
  • At one point, Maddie runs from Fenway all the way to the northeast end of the Boston Common in less time than it would take a professional marathoner.
  • The fictional Isla de Mara, geographically placed at the border between Texas and Tamaulipas, is too far North to exhibit the kind of tightly-packed, colonial Spanish architecture shown in the film. This type of urban layout and construction is more appropriate to colonial towns in Central and Southern Mexico. (To wit, street-level scenes were in fact shot in the preserved historical district of Santo Domingo in Mexico City.)
  • When Monster Zero is standing victorious over the Mexican city, a traffic light changes from red to yellow.
  • The idea that radiation can generate new growth in barren landscapes or lead to a resurgence in the populations of endangered species. While it is true that radiation can spur the evolutionary process by increasing DNA mutation rates, this is only feasible at fairly low rates of continuous exposure (such as a small percentage increase in UV rays due to ozone depletion). The kind of radiation that Godzilla and the other Titans pump out would only serve to give most ecosystems harmful acute radiation exposure, given that biological processes that run on radiation is dubious at best, it makes more sense, as the Titans absorbing "bad" radiation, processing it in their systems and excreting it as "helpful" waste radiation. It's also specifically stated that their radiation helps the growth of prehistoric vegetation, so maybe these happen to be flora species that were adapted to the activities and radiation of the Titans.
  • Godzilla, Mothra, Rodan and the other Titans are classified under the genus "Titanus". In reality, the genus is reserved for a group of very closely related species (lions, tigers and leopards), so seeing arthropods, reptiles, mammals and cephalopods all lumped together into such a specific group makes no sense, however it could be interpreted as a code-name and not as a strict scientific name. Alternately, since all the Titans are functionally a single specimen species, one could postulate "Titanus" is a phylum, and Godzilla's "proper" scientific name is "Titanus gojira gojira gojira gojira gojira," being the single extant specimen of his Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. This still requires some extreme massaging of scientific nomenclature to work.
  • The location of Skull Island shown on MONARCH's big map (somewhere far south and somewhat east of Hawaii) makes absolutely no sense considering a dogfight happened there between an American and a Japanese pilot in 1944.
  • The oil derrick-covered dusty plains that Scylla emerges from, is stated to located at Sedona, Arizona, despite, actually resembling West Texas than the oil-free red rock mountains actually found there.
  • The 50-second teaser trailer video shows Madison, listening to a radio at what looks like an underground bunker. She recoils in fear as she begins to hear Godzilla's iconic growl. At around the 30-second mark in the clip, the camera pulls out into a wide shot, which reveals another camera behind her. The rogue camera comes closer and for a moment, occupies a large chunk of the shot. Not only is the camera easy to spot, it's a major error on the part of the Godzilla marketing team.
  • In the ancient undersea temple, there is an engraving of Godzilla, and next to it is its name in modern Japanese script.
  • Submarines cannot use GPS for deep water navigation.
  • Mothra is able to grow up and lay an egg within the span of two days. While one could argue she had grown within the egg due to how long she was in it, this doesn't excuse how long it took her to create an egg within a day.
  • After the argument with her mother, Madison can be seen mouthing a piece of dialogue that did not make it into the film when closing the radio room door in the Isla De Mara Monarch base.
  • Apparently wind shear doesn't exist in this film's universe. Flying directly into a storm will result in a loss of lift and the aircraft which does so crashing. Yet all of the pilots head directly into the storm with Rodan chasing them, knowing this full well.
  • Rodan is shown in level flight chasing and catching fighter aircraft. Since Rodan needs to flap its wings to propel itself and it was coming from behind the aircraft. There's simply no way that it could have caught up to jet aircraft flying away from it at high speed using wing propulsion for thrust.
  • When the submarine is diving and hit by the impact, one of the orders shouted by the captain was "emergency blow". This is an order to use all relevant systems to immediately send the boat to the surface, breaching at a severe angle like a whale. This order is apparently ignored. An emergency blow does not take place until later, after the warhead goes off.
  • When Madison is looking at the map of the Monarch bunkers worldwide, the only bunkers shown on or near the North American East coast appear to be Montreal, Boston, Washington, DC, and Atlanta. When the map is next shown, focused in on Bunker 09 in Boston, a bunker in Detroit is shown that was not on the previous map.


  • When Madison Russell is trying to run out of the booth in Fenway Park, Ghidorah is busy blasting the place to smithereens. A large concrete block is dislodged on the stairs Madison is running down and actually bounces off of her. In reality, that block would have caused major bodily harm or even death given it's large size (about ten feet square).
  • When Godzilla emerges from the sea towards the end of the movie, what is he standing on? You can see the submarine at the side of him so the water must be reasonably deep. Then he just swims away.
  • The monsters are stopped by transmitting the Alpha Call over the loudspeakers at Fenway Park in Boston. Allowing for the speed of sound, it should have been hours before many of them heard it, but they all stopped at once.
  • Godzilla's Big Damn Heroes moment to save Madison from Ghidorah looks awesome, but he somehow hit a direct blast at him from some distance away? How far away can he use it effectively? And why not just fight Ghidorah from a distance, perhaps try to incapacitate him with his atomic breath from further away before moving in for the kill? Godzilla can fire from quite a distance (we don't know his max), but unless its a surprise attack then the further away he fires from the bigger the chance his opponent can just move out of the way (amounting to a vast waste of energy for Godzilla). And as we saw in their first fight, Ghidorah is quite capable of dodging if he sees the attack coming.
  • After the China ORCA base is attacked (and people are murdered and kidnapped), security would be immediately raised at all the other sites. However, at the Antartic site, people run out as if nothing has happened at all. They are immediately slaughtered by machine gun fire. All of this is simply because no one raised security. This is a huge plot hole. As such, it is a huge goof, as well.
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