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  • "Bless the Broken Road" was written by Marcus Hummon (a frequent Rascal Flatts contributor), Bobby Boyd, and Jeff Hanna. Written in 1994, it was first released by the country group "Nitty Gritty Dirt Band", then in 1995 by Marcus Hummon, In 1998 Christian performer Melodie Crittenden released the song on her country music self-titled debut CD. This version received some notoriety after it was prominently featured in the first season of "Dawson's Creek". In 2004 it was covered by Rascal Flatts on their platinum selling album "Feels Like Today" under the revised title "God Bless the Broken Road". Since 2004 the song has been covered by other various musical acts, and become a variety and musical reality show competition standard.
  • Amber's "Notice to Vacate" is dated November 11, Veteran's Day. The first line reads in part, "...you have fallen..." a reference to her military husband having fallen in the line of duty.
  • There are a lot of benefits for widows and children so it's a little far fetched that this mother would be in such difficult financial situation. One such benefit is the Death Gratuity, basic housing allowance, health insurance through TriCare, and a monthly benefit. The death gratuity is a payment of $100,000, (100% tax free) that is paid to the next of kin for the following armed service members: A member of an armed forces who dies while on active duty or while performing authorized travel to or from active duty.
  • The probability of a military widow finding herself in such financial straits is nearly implausible. In addition to all of the survivor benefits previously noted, active duty service members are eligible to purchase up to $400,000 in life insurance through the Servicemembers' Group Life Insurance (SGLI) program. The cost is 6 cents per $1000 of coverage (dirt cheap), which means $400k of insurance would cost $24. Yes, service members can decline the coverage or purchase a lesser amount, but only a complete tool would do that, especially if they are going to a combat zone and have a spouse and children.
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