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    • [from trailer]
    • Dr. Ellie Staple: It's amazing to meet you. It is simply extraordinary. Maybe this will all make sense if I explain who I am. My name is Dr. Ellie Staple, and I'm a psychiatrist. My work concerns a particular type of delusion of grandeur. It's a growing field. I specialize in those individuals who believe they are superheroes.
    • [to David]
    • Kevin Wendell Crumb: Good for you.
    • [from trailer]
    • David Dunn: I'm in security.
    • [from trailer]
    • Elijah Price: First name: Mister. Last name: Glass.
    • [from trailer]
    • Elijah Price: This is not a cartoon. This is the real world.
    • Elijah's Mother: They always underestimate the mastermind.
    • Kevin Wendell Crumb: Now who'd like a PB and J sandwich?
    • [as Patricia to Elijah, who has told "her" that he wants to meet The Beast]
    • Kevin Wendell Crumb: I hope for your sake that he likes you.
    • Elijah Price: This was an origin story the whole time.
    • Kevin Wendell Crumb: Friends?
    • [tearfully nods]
    • Kevin Wendell Crumb: What do we call you, Sir?
    • Elijah Price: First name, Mister. Last name, Glass.
    • [to Dr. Ellie Staple]
    • Kevin Wendell Crumb: We almost got you, bro!
    • Dr. Ellie Staple: I don't think we are particularly evil, and we don't choose sides. We try to stop both of you. If there is one of you, the opposite of you appears; it escalates, we step in. There just can't be gods amongst us.
    • Dr. Ellie Staple: Elijah, what have you done?
    • Elijah Price: I'm not a mistake, mama.
    • Elijah's Mother: You were spectacular.
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