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  • Joseph mentions the "mutilations at the zoo," that is, the events seen in Split, as taking place "three weeks ago." Also, several times it is mentioned that the crash of Eastrail 177 was nineteen years ago. But at the end of Split a diner patron mentions Mr. Glass having been put away FIFTEEN years before (which was closer to accurate at the time of release). Since the train wreck and Elijah's capture were only a few days apart, both timeframes cannot be true.
  • When the guard, Pierce, comes into the office and sees the leftover sandwich and banana he is alerted to something being wrong. However, later when Dr. Staple comes into the office - the food is gone from the desk. It is unlikely that Elijah took the time to clean up whilst reprogramming the computer system.
  • Elijah's scars are shown as a long line with several small lines crossing over it at regular intervals - these are meant to depict sutures from a surgery. However, an actual scar heals as a line bordered by dots, as only the places pierced by the needle would leave a scar. It is only suture material that crosses perpendicular to the original trauma line, which would leave no lasting mark.
  • When the Police Officers respond to the mental asylum they take the time to don riot gear and deploy shields. As it was known that at least one of the three escaping patients has killed several people the officers would never ever have taken any of these steps. They would have pulled their weapons as deadly force would have been completely in order at this point to stop the escape.
  • News helicopters are seen in the distance orbiting the Osaka Plaza when the three patients escape the hospital. Every news chopper would immediately have flown to the hospital as the police were dispatched and the situation escalated. This would then destroy the "twist" ending involving no video of the situation.
  • Ending scene, when the 3 "remaining" characters are awaiting for the people's reaction in the train station, Mrs. Price starts to hold the hands of her 2 fellow survivors, and the coffee cup she was just given by Joseph seconds before has totally disappeared.
  • In the Guard Office, a large wall calendar shows June with 9 days "X"ed out, but a couple of days later, characters are sitting in a train station with a decorated Christmas tree in the middle of the station.
  • Mr. Glass' computer code is on screen long enough that it's clear that it is actually an example from a programming tutorial, complete with detailed comments explaining basic concepts in the programming language in question.


  • At the end, after Joseph reveals The Beast's origin, Mr. Glass accidentally refers to The Beast as "Clarence Wendell Crumb"....his real name is "Kevin Wendell Crumb".
  • When Mr. Glass' wheelchair is being pushed in the tunnels, Kevin is seen with bare legs under the caretaker outfit. When "the beast" attacks the guards, he is seen with jumpsuit bottoms.
  • Camera reflected on van, while The Beast attacks David Dunn in the climax.
  • Daryl parks in front of the hospital before his shift the night Mr. Glass sets his plan in motion. The next morning when Dr. Staple arrives, Daryl's car is gone. Daryl did not leave the hospital; he was killed by Mr. Glass that night.
  • When Dr. Ellie Staple returns to the asylum to check whether the recordings have been deleted, the water tank which had a hole in it during the fight, appears to be undamaged (at runtime 01:56:41).
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