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Goofs from Ghost in the Shell (Kokaku kidotai)

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  • In the opening assassination scene, after the police infiltrate the building, a number of policemen do not have "Police" written on their helmets like the other officers do. It is safe to assume this is an error, seeing as there are no other visual distinctions between officers with and without "Police" written on their helmet.
  • In the shot where Motoko jumps off the building and uses her therm-optic camouflage, there are numerous cars behind her that clip over the bridges they aren't supposed to be driving on, along with cars that disappear and reappear within the same shot.
  • When we see the minister's interpreter connected to some kind of equipment, the display on the equipment in the background can be seen clipping over wires and tubes in the foreground.
  • As Nakamura and Dr. Willis exit an elevator and walk toward the camera, Willis's tie changes from the color of his shirt to the proper green color.
  • In the parking garage when Togusa open's his car door, the car door is appearing from nowhere as it opens.
  • When Kusanagi is fighting the ghost hacked man, the orientation of the signs in the background changes between shots.
  • Before Kusanagi leaps off of the building in the opening, she is wearing black gloves and black boots. In the next shot, she is suddenly wearing white gloves and white boots, both of which seemingly came from nowhere.
  • When Aramaki and some police officers are hiding in some brush, one shot shows the policemen sitting next to Aramaki not wearing a mask. In the subsequent shot, the very same officer is wearing a mask.
  • As the ghost hacked man is running across some wooden planks, the dirt/grime from the planks disappears.
  • The car underneath the spider tank changes in size relative to the tank between shots.
  • In some shots, Batou appears to be wearing gloves with holes for the knuckles. In other shots, there appear to be no holes.
  • During the montage through the city, where there's an ally way in a shopping district, one character is drawn small to appear as though they are inside a building in the distance. However, the character is layered over a doorway rather than behind it, making it appear as though he's very small.
  • In the opening of the film, the officers have "POLICE" printed on their uniforms in white with a black outside stroke. For the rest of the movie, the text is printed in just plain black text.
  • During the chase against the ghost hacked man in the first act of the film, it's never shown nor explained where Kusanagi got her headgear from before fighting the man hand to hand. She appears to not have been carrying it at all, so it's safe to assume it's a continuity error.
  • In the third act of the film, when Batou rams his car into the decoy car, the animators didn't draw the license plate on the back, as it was seen in previous shots.
  • During the opening assassination scene, Nakamura gets blood splattered on his face and suit. As he approaches the window in the following shots, the blood is no longer there.
  • Director Mamoru Oshii went to great lengths to portray gunfight scenes accurately, yet during the foot chase in the market the terrorist fires armour piercing ammunition wildly through the crowds and apparently hits no one. No collateral damage was seen or shown which stretches belief.
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