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Quotes from Getting Grace

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    • Bill: I'd be more than happy to call the police.
    • [Mimics with her hand a phone which she holds her to her ear, in a deep low voice]
    • Grace: Hello, police?
    • [scoffs in disgust]
    • Grace: Thank God. I'm being held hostage in my beautiful funeral home by a bald sickly-looking teenage girl.
    • [enthusiastically]
    • Mary: She is delightful.
    • [sarcastically deadpan]
    • Bill: Yeah, she's a barrel of laughs, every one of them inappropriate.
    • Grace: I want to believe because I want to believe. Not because I'm afraid of dying.
    • Grace: What are you afraid of, Bill? Me? Well, you'll be glad to know this moment will soon pass.
    • [jokingly]
    • Grace: Can I ride in the hearse?
    • Bill: Wait your turn.
    • Grace: When I get to the other side, do you want me to contact you?
    • Bill: How about not we get ahead of ourselves? How about we start on the other side of the table? See how that goes.
    • [looking all over for her after she interrupts his meeting with a client]
    • Bill: You see, Grace? I don't get it. I don't find this kind of funny at all. Where ahhh... where are you?
    • [laying in a coffin, speaking with a silly accent & startling Bill]
    • Grace: Does this coffin make me look fat?
    • Venus: I think some people actually get Grace and others never will.
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