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Goofs from Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (1953)

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  • Lorelei (Marilyn Monroe) has slender hands with long fingers and her nails are manicured. But when she pulls the roll of film out of Ernie's pants with her right hand, the hand is short with thick fingers and her nails are cut and unpolished.
  • Lorelei's hair before and just after she performs "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend" is different to the style that she wears during her performance.
  • When Lorelei and Dorothy are in New York, it is announced that the ship is bound for Cherbourg. Yet, when they dock, they are in Paris which can't accommodate large ocean liners.
  • During her confrontation with Lady Beekman at the hotel, Lorelei calls Piggy "Lord Beekman". Later in the courtroom, the Magistrate calls Piggy "Lord Beekman", and Pritchard addresses Piggy as "Your Lordship". Piggy holds a knighthood, not a peerage, and would never be addressed as anything other than "Sir Francis".
  • When Lorelei is seeing Gus off at the ship, she says "Bye, lover!", but her lips do not move.
  • As Dorothy and Lorelei walk to their dressing room after the "Two Little Girls From Little Rock" number, Lorelei removes her hat with her right hand. When they enter the dressing room, Lorelei's hat is in her left hand.
  • The "Two Little Girls From Little Rock" number ends with Dorothy near stage right and Lorelei near stage left. As the girls leave the stage, Dorothy is near stage left and Lorelei is near stage right.
  • During the "Ain't There Anyone Here for Love?" number, when Dorothy is walking between the two lines of athletes doing knee-bends, one of the men on the left towards the back gets up too late and fails to do his bend in time with the others.
  • When the ship is shown docking, the tops of the funnels have a wide red band but, seconds later, when the whistle is shown blowing, they are entirely black.
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