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Goofs from Gemini Man

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  • During the shooting scene in the liquor store, there was no spilled liquor on the floor; only glass.
  • During the shooting scene in the liquor store, they were being fired upon by a single, stationary machine gun. However, from inside the store, bullet trails were coming from multiple directions.
  • In the first shot scene, the train was moving in one direction when the first shot was taken, but when the video is shown on the phone, the train is moving in the opposite way (the trees through the window), which could not happen, as it was a high speed train and it couldn't just stop and reverse.
  • Someone who has a severe bee allergy would never inject epinephrine into their arm, the delay in the medication getting into the blood could kill Henry.


  • It's revealed in the third act that Henry has a GPS tracker implanted in his arm that he never knew about. This being the case, there would have been no reason for Danny to go undercover at the dock and plant a GPS tracker on Henry's boat. Also, after Junior removes the GPS tracker from Henry's arm, they are still able to be tracked by Gemini.
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