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Frozen II

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Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, and Olaf are going far in the forest to learn the truth about an ancient mystery of their kingdom.


  • Kristen Bell
  • Idina Menzel
  • Josh Gad
  • Jonathan Groff
  • Sterling K. Brown
  • Evan Rachel Wood
  • Alfred Molina
  • Martha Plimpton
  • Jason Ritter
  • Rachel Matthews

Did You Know?


  • Fifth sequel to be in the Disney animated feature films lineup, after The Rescuers Down Under (1990), Fantasia 2000 (1999), Winnie the Pooh (2011), and Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck-It Ralph 2 (2018).
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  • The leaf shown over the title logo is a sugar maple leaf (acer saccharum), found in North America. Norway does have maple trees (acer platanoides) but the leaves look different and are only found in the South of the country, not the far North.
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    • Elsa: You can't just follow me into fire!
    • Anna: You don't want me following you into fire? Then don't run into fire!
    • Anna: Then don't run into fire!
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

I thought it was better than the first one.

Brittany R
Verified Review

I loved how they expanded upon the first movie in a way that was fresh and not predictable. The plot was interesting and charming. Kristoff stole my heart and I think his song is the best. All the music was great although not as catchy as in the first. Elsa and Anna’s bond is a beautiful thing and I love how it drove this story.

Noelle R


Nov 14, 2019

An air of wistfulness imbues the proceedings, building to a resonant climax that’s hard to resist, despite some legitimate reservations about this uneven sequel.

Tim Grierson
Screen Daily
Nov 14, 2019

Frozen 2 has everything you would expect — catchy new songs, more time with easy-to-like characters, striking backdrops, cute little jokes, a voyage of discovery plot and female empowerment galore — except the unexpected.

Metacritic review by Todd McCarthy
Todd McCarthy
The Hollywood Reporter
Nov 14, 2019

Even with Frozen II’s problems, the ending affected me. Because some things do change. Even if they always remain Frozen.

Metacritic review by Matt Singer
Matt Singer