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  • The leaf shown over the title logo is a sugar maple leaf (acer saccharum), found in North America. Norway does have maple trees (acer platanoides) but the leaves look different and are only found in the South of the country, not the far North.
  • The trees around Arendelle shown in Frozen (2013) are mostly evergreens with some birch. The enchanted forest is "North, as far as you can go" but is almost exclusively deciduous trees with lots of silver birch (betula pendula), those types of trees become less common at higher latitudes, not more common.
  • Anna growls while acting out 'villain' when playing Charades, but the whole point of the game is to portray the word or phrase silently.
  • When Anna and Elsa penetrate the fog that shrouds the enchanted forest, they encounter the native inhabitants as well as the Arendelle guard contingent left behind when the fog cut the forest off from the outside world. The guards originally followed Anna and Elsa's grandfather and father on their official tour to the forest, way before they were born but the guard commander instantly recognises them when they explain that they are from Arendelle.
  • After Anna's song, "The Next Right Thing," she stands up and put a bag over her shoulder. The strap of the bag lays over top of her hair, which is hanging loose. The "camera" spins around Anna, and when it returns, the strap is underneath her hair, making it appear as if the bag has gone through the hair.
  • Near the end of the movie where Anna approaches the guards protecting the dam, she tells them that her grandfather betrayed everyone. During that scene the female guard shield changes positions.
  • In the enchanted Forest, there is no wind visible but all the plants move up and down like there is no wind and in different directions.
  • When everyone is escaping Arendalle, the wind is blowing everyone and everything in different directions but Elsa's hair doesn't seem effected at all.
  • When Elsa tells Yelena that something has called her to the forest, Anna is on Elsa's right side. But when it switches to the Fire Spirit's POV, Anna is on Elsa's left side.
  • When Anna tells the Rock Giants to throw their boulders, the first one hits the middle of the bridge, but when Anna is running back to Kristoff/Mattias, that part of the dam is not broken.
  • When Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf are approaching the forest covered with mist, they were close together. Then Kristoff, Sven and Olaf walk in a straight line to the mist but when the areal shot shows, Kristoff, Sven and Olaf are further to the right.
  • After Yelena and Matias have their arms together, they are walking out of the forest. After the reindeer start running and the overshot appears, they are not seen anymore and then seen in the next scene.
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