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  • To promote the film, Colin Farrell, Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse hosted MTV's "Fright Night Friday" during an airing of Halloween (2007) on August 12, 2011.
  • In early stages of development, Heath Ledger was considered for the role of Jerry, but he passed away in January of 2008.
  • The car chase sequence was done in one continuous, rotating shot. The location footage and the running motorcycle slammed into the car were later added.
  • Peter Vincent is named after two horror icons, Peter Cushing and Vincent Price.
  • Counting flashback footage, Chris Sarandon is the only actor to appear in all three Fright Night films. In the original Fright Night (1985), he plays the role of Jerry. In the 2011 remake, he has a cameo as the man who hits the Brewsters' car and is subsequently bitten by Jerry.
  • The club scene originally included a fight between feuding frat boys that was broken up by Jerry with the use of his hypnosis powers. Although the scene was cut, the frat boys can still be seen around the DJ booth when the t-shirts are thrown into the crowd.
  • Colin Farrell said that he took the role of Jerry because he liked Craig Gillespie's work on Lars and the Real Girl (2007).
  • Steven Spielberg made two major contributions to the film. The first one was an insert shot of the crucifix falling in the pool directly in front of the camera (after Jerry attacks Ed Lee). The other one was Jerry's fourth stage makeup - when previewed, he said that it was not scary enough and insisted that the original concept of a shark-like jaw be put back.
  • The second movie where Christopher Mintz-Plasse jumps down from a height and hurts his leg, the first being Kick-Ass (2010).
  • When Charley bluffs his way onto the set of Peter Vincent's Fright Night show, the music heard playing over the rehearsal is from Henning Lohner's score for 2005 vampire film BloodRayne (2005).
  • The props department included many Doctor Who (2005) references into the Peter Vincent apartment set (for example, Gallifreyan writing - the Doctor's native language - on certain items), as a homage to actor David Tennant, who was playing Peter Vincent and previously played the Tenth Doctor. The majority of these references are not visible to the audience.
  • Of the principal cast, Anton Yelchin and Christopher Mintz-Plasse were the only ones who didn't need to adopt an American accent.
  • Ed "evil" 's Vampire Kit List included: Wooden Stakes, Holy Water, Holy Crosses, Rosary Beads, Garlic, Bible, Leather Neck Guard, Wooden Spear, Water Guns (soakers), Flashlights, Mirrors, Torch, Torch Fuel.
  • Peter Vincent website reads: "A Las Vegas institution, a magician who works in the dark world of the occult, His show embraces every sinister aspect of the supernatural acts..his dark mysterious magic is woven from his profound knowledge of the esoteric world of the occult, gleaned from the vast collection of books & artifacts from the four corners of the mystic world. A student of the cannibalistic world, he is the single greatest authority of vampires and has studied all the various tribes that make their weird world...
  • The videos on Ed's computer are titled 'The Jerry Diaries'. This is a goof because Ed didn't make it home after finding out Jerrys' name from Charlie.
  • Colin Farrell expressed concern that his character was too much of a sexual predator and suggested script changes. No changes were made.
  • Colin Farrell requested a monologue in Latin, saying it would be more menacing. He obtained a Latin tutor to teach him a new monologue and studied the language on set. The monologue never made it to screen- however, the Latin tutor was so fascinated by Farrell she wrote a scholarly article detailing her time on the set.
  • While shooting the pool scene, Colin Farrell got a bit overzealous and accidentally punctured Christopher Mintz-Plasse's stunt double with his prosthetic fangs.
  • Anton Yelchin and Imogen Poots worked together again in the Green Room (2015).
  • Peter Vincent (portrayed by David Tennant) is seen drinking copious amounts of Midori liqueur in several scenes throughout the film. Midori is the Japanese word for the color green, hence the liqueur comes in a bright green colored bottle. This bottle is displayed throughout the film in Peter Vincent's penthouse.


  • Jerry has five stages of makeup, with the last one (when Charley fights in the basement) entirely in CG.
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