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  • When Peter Vincent knocks on Jerry's door, Billy Cole answers it. While Peter's arm is still raised to continue knocking, Billy offers his hand to Peter. Peter lowers his hand, yet in the next shot it is back up in the knocking position.
  • When the bat creature is flying toward Peter Vincent, a line can be seen holding the creature.
  • In the night club Jerry is walking through the crowd, stalking Amy. At one point he passes a mirrored wall and we see his reflection. Earlier it was shown that Jerry isn't supposed to have a reflection.
  • Peter Vincent stakes Jerry Dandridge with a normal-sized stake, but when Dandridge rises from his coffin, the stake is about the size of a pool stick.
  • When Evil Ed gets touched by the cross on his forehead, the blistering burn is over his left eyebrow. However, in later shots after Peter stakes him, the burn is in the middle of his forehead.
  • When Amy shoves the sandwich into Charley's face, the tomato slice falls off right away. In two subsequent shots, the tomato slice falls off again.
  • Shadow from camera operator visible in the window of Charley's house during credits.
  • Amy undressing and pulling up the sheet behind Charley as he watches the coffin being carried into the house.
  • When Evil Ed is turned into a wolf and is crawling on the floor, a line can be seen moving the animal.
  • In one scene Jerry Dandridge appears in the Brewster house. In the next shot it is revealed that he is standing in Mrs. Brewster's bedroom watching her sleep. However, the first shot was actually filmed in Charley's room. The Ford Shelby Cobra poster on Charley's wall can clearly be seen over Dandridge's shoulder.
  • Charley is supposedly a fan of vampire movies, but he learns from Evil Ed about things like stakes, garlic, crosses, etc., things which should be familiar even to casual horror fans.
  • In the attack scene in Charley's bedroom, Jerry Dandridge has his hand around Charley's neck, and Charley drives a pencil into the top of his hand. In the next scene, Jerry pulls his hand away and looks at the pencil, and it is sticking more than halfway through his hand. If the pencil has been shoved that far down, it would have pierced Charley halfway through his neck.
  • When the Jerry Dandridge bat-creature is attacking Peter Vincent, it scratches the left side of his face. When Charley Brewster pulls the bat off him, the scratches are gone.
  • Amy's hair style changes between shots at the club and then reverts to its earlier style in the bedroom. Her jacket goes missing in dance-floor club shots, along with her hair clips.
  • When Charley and Peter enter the house to try to kill Jerry, it is obviously night when they're outside, but when they're inside, you can see that it is day through the curtained window on the door.
  • When Jerry is first seen in vampire form, as he draws the shade down before biting the girl, it is clear that while the hand drawing the shade has extended fingernails, the other hand does not.
  • When Peter Vincent burns Evil Ed's forehead with the crucifix, the angle the cross touches his head changes between shots.
  • When Jerry is walking towards Amy as she sits by the fireplace, the fire pokers behind Amy disappear between shots.
  • Before Jerry opens Charley's bedroom window to push Charley out of it, he breaks the window's latch clean off with his free index finger (his other hand is wrapped around Charley's neck). However Charley's Mom thwarts Jerry's plan, and he leaves via another window. In the next scene Charley is seen closing his bedroom window and the latch is back on, which he locks.
  • After Amy shoves a burger into Charley's face, some of it is on his coat. In the next scene, its spotless with not even a stain.
  • When Jerry walks past Mrs Brewster's mirror, and he casts no reflection, some obvious matte work is visible. Also when he shuts the door, the sound effect doesn't match up.
  • The nails Charley hammered into the window disappear and reappear between scenes.
  • When Peter rushes everyone out of Jerry's home, he shuts the door so quickly it pops open again. But in the following shot, its shut tight.
  • When Jerry stalks "Evil" Ed through the alley, he casts a reflection in a puddle.
  • The holes in "Evil" Ed's neck disappear after he shows them to Peter.
  • When Jerry throws Peter's cross away, the sound of it hitting the floor happens before it does.
  • When Jerry is in the living room with Mrs Brewster, in one shot he's standing right beside her. But in a following shot, he's standing a few feet in front of her.
  • Just after Charley has impaled Billy with a stake, he has his hand to his mouth. In the following shot, its not.
  • After Jerry Dandridge attacks Charley and runs out of his room, he closes the window that had been nailed shut. After Charley's mother leaves his room, Charley sits down next to the window and we can clearly see that it is open again and the curtains are even blowing in the wind. Charley is actually closing the hallway window Jerry escaped through, which is right next to his mother's bedroom door. The broken frame from Jerry jamming the door can be seen as they talk, indicating they are in the hallway and not Charley's room. Charley then returns to his room, where his window is still open, after his mother goes back into her room.
  • In the opening scene on the television, when Peter Vincent announces his name and goes to impale the vampire with a wooden stake and mallet, his stake is backwards as he rushes in. This was intentional as Roddy McDowell is parodying bad films/actors.
  • In the scene when Evil Ed transformed into a wolf, and was stabbed with a stake, he jumped over the banister, and you can clearly see the strings connecting to his wolf form.
  • When Peter Vincent burns a cross on Evil Ed's head, Evil looks into a mirror before realizing he can't see himself. Just when Ed attacks Peter, you can see the reflection of a crew member and a red ladder in the mirror.
  • Seconds before Evil Ed jumps onto Peter Vincent's back and attempts to bite him, Ed's shoulder is glimpsed in the mirror. A moment later it's established that he casts no reflection.
  • When Jerry laughs after confronting Peter and Charley at the top of the stairs you can see metal fillings in his teeth. Vampires are self healing and shouldn't have tooth decay.
  • This is only noticeable in widescreen versions of the movie. When Jerry is in the club and begins slowly moving towards Amy, for a brief moment, Jerry's shoulder can be seen reflected in one of the mirrors.
  • Vampires cast no reflection in mirrors due to the presence of silver on the back of old world mirrors. A water puddle (like modern mirrors) has no silver & can/should show a reflection.
  • Charley nailed the window shut to keep Jerry out. Later the window was opened without damaging the window frame.
  • When Peter Vincent discovers that Sarandon's character is a vampire because he does not see his reflection in the mirror, Sarandon's partner vampire does have a reflection. This breaks the vampires have no reflection convention.
  • After Peter Vincent is scratched in the face by the Vampire Bat creature, the wound never shows up in following scenes.


  • When Jerry Dandridge is thrown against the cellar wall it is obviously a painted mattress.
  • When Amy starts turning into a vampire, there are no holes in her neck at first.
  • Billy Cole's clothes seem to disappear once he decomposes.
  • Charley doesn't seem to have any blood on his sleeve after Jerry, as a bat, bites him on the arm.
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