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  • In the long shot of Frankenstein's monster carrying Elsa up the stairs, her long flowing gown hangs down to his feet; to avoid stepping on it, he clearly has to take wide strides up the steps. Then there is a cut to the monster as he reaches the top of the stairs, and here Elsa's gown is completely wrapped around her body.
  • After Larry Talbot frees Frankenstein's monster from the ice, he asks the monster where Dr. Frankenstein's journal is as they walk into the remains of the castle, but his mouth does not move.
  • During Larry Talbot's first transformation into the Wolf Man, he goes from wearing light-colored night clothes to a dark shirt and pants. When he awakens the next morning, he's back wearing the pajamas.
  • The Wolf Man falls into the ice caverns beneath Frankenstein castle. Larry Talbot awakens the next morning wearing shoes, which The Wolf Man didn't have on.
  • When the monster is being recharged in Dr. Frankenstein's laboratory by Dr. Mannering, he is mouthing the words, "Thank you, Dr. Mannering!" but all the monster's audio was edited out.
  • In the final fight scene, just as the Wolf Man makes his final jump, his left shirt sleeve pulls up, and you can see Lon Chaney Jr.'s arm, which has no make up on it.
  • When the monsters are wrestling on the floor, a book falls off one of the machines behind them. In a later scene of the fight, the book is back on the machine.
  • During the fight the Frankenstein monster throws a heavy electrical box with the Wolf Man standing on it. The strings used to move the box can clearly be seen.
  • When the moon rises to transform Talbot in the hospital, moonlight is shown moving across the floor then up the wall to his bed. A rising moon would cast its light first on the wall, then move down the wall to the floor as the moon rose above the horizon.
  • Despite the early scenes being set in Cardiff and its environs not one character has a South Wales accent.
  • When Freddy Jolley is in the mausoleum at the beginning of the film, but just after he turns toward the center of the room, you can see the power cable for the oil lamp taped to, and running up his right arm at his wrist. Normal oil lamps at the time would produce insufficient light for certain shots, so electric lamps were used. There is an obvious difference in brightness from the shots outside of the mausoleum and the interior shots. The power cable is visible again as he sets the lamp on top of the Larry Talbots's center crypt.
  • When Lawrence Talbot first introduces Dr. Mannering to the Baroness, she inexplicably addresses him as Mr. Mannering.
  • Talbot's body shows no sign of decomposition when the grave robbers open his tomb.
  • The innkeeper refers to the river being above the castle and the dam below it, then suggests that blowing up the dam will drown those in the castle. Later it is shown that the dam is above the castle. Another issue is that in the original, Dr. Frankenstein uses lightning attracted by kites in a storm, not water-driven turbines.
  • At the ruins of Frankenstein's castle there's no sign of snow in the surrounding area but when the Wolfman falls into the cellar all the underground is covered in snow, even the underside of a beam. The monster's found in a sheet of ice and comes back to life when the ice is broken but around it there's no snow.
  • Talbot 's in hospital having had an operation for a head wound. On the night of a full moon he tears his bandages off and turns into the Wolfman and escapes into the town dodging through the shadows but he;s now in out door clothes instead of pyjamas.


  • After Lawrence Talbot and Maleva are told to leave Vasaria, Maleva is arrested when the townspeople are hunting for the wolf that killed the innkeeper's daughter. A few scenes later, Talbot is back in town at a public celebration socializing with the mayor and others. The townspeople do not seem to take much notice that the strange man from earlier is back and make no attempt to arrest him. Also, somewhere between his encounter with the monster and this point in the story, Talbot acquires a suit. It is never explained where or how he got this suit, though the film script stated that Talbot found some of Dr. Frankenstein's clothing and money in the ruins of the sanitarium.
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