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  • When Ren is dancing in the factory and is swinging on the high bar-type pole, he is wearing gloves. During the rest of the sequence he is bare-handed.
  • When Ariel is going from the car to truck, the stereo in the back window of the truck disappears and reappears between shots.
  • When Ariel is making the switch from the car to Chuck's pickup and the tractor-trailer is headed for them, they are about to converge at a railroad crossing, but when they do meet, there is no railroad crossing to be seen.
  • The second breakdancer's jacket is on/off between shots.
  • When Ren and Ariel kiss for the first time, their arms switch positions numerous times between shots.
  • When Ren and Willard are driving away from the gas station (before they're pulled over by the police), you can see one of their heads in the rear view mirror. They're talking, but their lips never move.
  • In the opening sequence, Ariel transfers from the car to the pickup, the passenger side mirror is on the truck. Later at the drive inn, the mirror is missing. It appears and disappears at various intervals throughout the movie, most likely so as to not block the shot of the actors.
  • In one scene with Rev. Moore, the nursery/preschool in the foreground shows two children's toys still sitting atop "apple boxes," likely from a previous scene where the toys were raised to film height.
  • When the Rev. arrives at the library he takes a stack of books and gives them to a boy to return. He then takes another stack of books which he holds onto but then he takes another stack of books in his empty hands and holds them through the scene.
  • During the break-dancers showdown Willard is wearing his tux jacket. Then he gets picked for a solo and his jacket is off again.
  • When the brick is thrown into Ren's home, it is tossed through the front ground-floor window. In the next scene, the brick is found by the family in the girls bedroom, which appears to be on the second floor. Directly following this, Ren is seen sitting in the living room by the front door. This should be the room that the brick ended up in, considering its position - but it isn't.
  • Near the end of the film Willard gets into a fight with Chuck and his pals and Ren shows up to help him out. During the fight, both Willard's black tuxedo and Ren's red tuxedo get completely covered in dirt. As soon as the fight is over and everyone goes back into the dance, both tuxedos are completely spotless.
  • When the youths are all dancing to the tape in the portable radio, the aerial is up. When Rev. Shaw Moore approaches the radio and stops the tape, the aerial is now down.
  • The scene with the semi is early in the day, just after church. The scene at the drive-in is supposed to be shortly after that, yet it is dark outside.
  • When Ren and Willard are washing Ren's car, the amount of suds on the car changes between shots.
  • In the final dance at the Prom, when the break dancer has the floor and is dancing, the camera pans over to Ariel. You can see that the break dancer and the rest are all watching behind her and to her left.


  • Directly after Vi, Ariel's mother, says "Eleanor, sit down!" in the city counsel scene, the camera turns to Ariel. Next to Ariel, a student is clapping his hands, with no sound effect.
  • When the people of the town are burning the library books, we see the Rev. with a pin of the United States flag pinned to his suit jacket, but in the shot that follows the pin is gone from the suit jacket.
  • During the prom, Willard's hair changes style and color three times.
  • The style of Ariel's prom dress changes from one scene to another. She is wearing the same dress while in her room getting ready, and at the prom. That dress has a simple ruffle all the way around the bottom. The dress she is wearing when Ren helps her into his car is different. That dress is bustled in the back and has a different ribbon around the waist.
  • When they're nervously standing around before the dance, one girl in a blue dress seems to be played by a male.
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