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    • [Saraya and Zak bump into The Rock backstage]
    • [the Rock walks toward the arena]
    • Zak Knight: Rock, Rock, Rock.
    • [turning around]
    • The Rock: Yo.
    • Zak Knight: We're wrestlers as well, actually.
    • Raya Knight: We're actually doing tryouts today.
    • The Rock: Oh, cool.
    • Zak Knight: What advice would you give us, if, if, we wanna...
    • Raya Knight: Win over the crowd?
    • Zak Knight: Win over the crowd?
    • The Rock: What are your names again?
    • The Rock: Sorry about that.
    • Raya Knight: My name...
    • The Rock: IT DOESN'T MATTER WHAT YOUR NAMES ARE! You walk around here interrupting The Rock? You, like you haven't seen the sun in 20 years? You, like you just stepped out of Oliver Twist? 'Please, sir? May I have some more advice, sir?' You want some advice? Here's The Rock's advice: Shut your mouth! What you want? What you want? How about what The Rock wants? The Rock wants you to go out there, take no prisoners, have no regrets, have no fear! Lay it all out on the line! Because if you don't do that, The Rock is gonna find your friend Mary Poppins. He's gonna take her umbrella. Yeah, he's gonna shine it up real nice. He's gonna turn that sonuvabitch sideways and stick it straight up your candy asses! There's your advice, straight out of... the Jabroni-beatin', pie-eatin', trail blazin', eyebrow raisin', entertaining the globe never hotter, talkin' to two rejects from Harry Potter!
    • [pause]
    • The Rock: So that's how you win over the crowd.
    • [Saraya and Zak laugh]
    • Zak Knight: Rock, Rock, Rock.
    • Raya Knight: We're huge fans.
    • The Rock: Thank you so much.
    • Raya Knight: We've been fans since you had hair.
    • The Rock: Oh, hey...
    • [giggles]
    • The Rock: It's a choice. A damn good one too. See you, guys.
    • [the Rock gives Paige's father a call]
    • Ricky Knight: What?
    • The Rock: It's Dwayne Johnson. How are you?
    • Ricky Knight: Prove it.
    • Ricky Knight: Yeah, and I'm Vin Diesel, mate.
    • [Ricky hangs up]
    • Raya Knight: I'm sorry.
    • The Rock: Paige, I myself have come from a wrestling family too. I know exactly what it means to you. But don't worry about being the next me. Be the first you.
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