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  • When Ana goes into the unlocked Red Room, there is a lever type handle whereas there was a round doorknob in Fifty Shades of Grey (2015).
  • When Christian is behind Ana and they are steering the boat he has gloves on in the first shot, but when they cut back to him he doesn't have any gloves on.
  • Ana's hair is not wet after walking in the rain at night and stopping.
  • Before the masked ball, Anastasia is seen by Christian to be wearing full lingerie but then at the ball, when they go into a private room to have sex and he strips her, under the dress she is just wearing knickers, the bra, suspenders and suspenders strap are missing but from the previous shots we saw there was not a scene showing or hinting to her removing them before entering that room. Especially as the later scene happens not long after they arrive at the party.
  • After their dinner date at the beginning, Grey sends Steele a message "Dream of me". Her reply is "Maybe. Thank you for tonight. Laters Baby". But when she sends a message to him about going to New York, Grey's chat history reveals her reply as "Always".
  • In Fifty Shades of Grey, when Christian first takes Ana to the Playroom, She says, "You're a Sadist?" Christian corrects her and says that he is a Dominant. In Fifty Shades Darker, Christian says the opposite. After running off scared (Leila gun/Christian control scene), Ana returns to Escala. She and Christian are talking. She tells him that she doesn't understand his need to dominate. He says, "I'm not a Dominate. The right term is Sadist. I get off on punishing women who look like you and..."
  • It's implied that Christian's room in his parent's house was his as a teenager and unused for some time (He says it was his room "once upon a time"). However, some of the books are too new to be his as a teenager: The book, "Kill City Blues", by Richard Kadrey, was published in 2013, when Christian would've been 25, and "A War of Gifts" by Orson Scott Card (2007), when he would've been 19.
  • Flying his helicopter back to Seattle from Portland, Christian tells Roz that he changed the flight plan to get back to Seattle faster. However, they fly over Mt. St. Helens, which is well east of any direct flight path from Portland to Seattle and well out of the way.
  • As Christian and Roz approach Mt. St. Helens in the helicopter, they first see it approaching from the northeast as if they were flying southwest toward Portland from central Washington. Then, they are seen flying north around the eastern face of the mountain, with Crystal Lake in front of them, in the opposite direction from the previous shot. Neither of which accounts for why they were anywhere near Mt. St. Helens in the first place. It's nowhere near any convenient flight plan from Portland to Seattle.
  • During the photo exhibition scene, Jose takes Ana's glass of wine and looks to take a sip, however the wine never touches his lips.
  • In Christians apartment, several 'set' items changed from the first movie. Even though the writers want you to believe the 2nd films story picks up shortly after the end of the 1st films ending. The art piece on the window wall changed. The large table in front of the window where in the 1st film he states that he's "Fifty shades fucked up" changed. Most visually obvious was the fireplace. The 2nd film has a much larger one and now there's a TV above it where there was none in the 1st film. The design of the staircase changed dramatically. The door to the playroom was white and now it's dark.
  • While playing pool in the library of Christian's penthouse, when Ana is about to pot the fourth ball, she bends in front of Christian. He places her hand on her side, but as the camera pans out, he is holding the cue stick in his right hand.


  • After the helicopter crash, Grey says both engines failed. They were in a Eurocopter EC120 which is single engined.
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