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  • During the first few shots of crowd holding candles on their way to the wedding, the sun changes positions above the horizon. (But as such indicates the length in time of the journey by foot, which could be intentional, in which case the slow melting of candles might be a goof in its own right).
  • The sun angle changes several times during "Matchmaker". Most obvious when Chava is pushed onto a sunny pile of hay that was in the shadows seconds before.
  • Near the end of the dancing scene in Mordcha's inn, we see the Jews holding hands and dancing to one side, and the Russians walking ducked through the spaces between their bodies to the other side. In the first two takes, we see four Russians, and in the following two takes only three, the one on the right, with brown hair and a blue shirt, is gone.
  • When the fiddler is playing the first song, the movements of the fiddler's bow don't quite match up with the song.
  • When the family is preparing for the Sabbath, Golde tells Perchik to wash at the well, and she tells Hodel to help him. As they leave the room, Perchik goes out a side door and Hodel follows her sisters upstairs.
  • When Perchik and Hodel are dancing for the first time, Perchik has his hat on, but as they finish and he says, "There. We've just changed an old custom," his hat is missing, and in the next scene in the barn, he has his hat back on.
  • When the old man is talking to Tevye about Tzeitel, the shadow of the microphone boom is visible on the old man's shirt.
  • During the parade to Tzeitle and Motle's wedding with everyone holding candles, Yente's candle isn't burning.
  • During the crossroads prayer setting, as the people are starting to part ways, you can hear a jet airplane engine in the sky. Airplanes weren't invented yet in this time period.
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