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Goofs from Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw

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  • When the attack on Samoa begins, it is supposed to be right before dawn. However, by the end of the attack it is midday. Since there was a 30 minute timer set right before the battle starts and just finishing up when the battle ends, it is clear that only 30 minutes passed. It should still be just after dawn when the action completes.
  • The flashbacks show the Shaw children to be close in age, whereas Jason Statham is 21 years older than Vanessa Kirby.
  • When Hobbs and Shaw are in the glass room meeting, Hobbs throws a chair that's next to the table at the glass towards the men on the other side. That chair lands on the floor near the glass, yet when the camera pans after that, it shows Hobbs hand on the backside of that same chair, and the chair is still at the table.
  • During a fight scene, an actor grabs a hand grenade, puts its striker lever back into place, and replaces the safety pin. Once a grenade's striker lever is released, the chemical time-delay is activated, so replacing the striker lever would not stop a detonation.
  • During the final battle, Hobbs, Shaw and Hattie are fighting in the rain, while at the top of the cliff it is sunny.
  • During the end credit scenes, the clock on the wall behind Locke remains the same time, despite what is presumed an off screen battle.
  • In the scene where a hand grenade is used as a booby trap in Shaw's sister apartment, we see the pin get pulled and the lever separate from the grenade. A few seconds later Shaw put the pin back in the grenade "making it safe." That's not how grenades work. It would have blown up in his hands as the primer would have been activated.
  • In the helicopter scene, the main villain yells at the pilot to climb. He then goes up and throws the pilot out and takes over. It is a common misconception that helicopter pilots sit in the same seat as airline pilots(left seat). Helicopter pilots sit in the right seat. He just threw out someone that wasn't the pilot.
  • In the opening scenes when Hobbs is driving through Los Angeles on a motorcycle, he is not wearing a helmet. California's strictly enforced helmet law became effective on January 1, 1992. As a career law officer, he would know of the helmet law.
  • Even though a brick chimney(tons of bricks and dust) just landed on him, when Brixton gets back on his feet, he does not have a speck of dust or any sweat on him.
  • Queenie says she has plenty of time in prison to do a lot of Suduko. The number puzzle game is called Sudoku.
  • During the final scene when Hobbs takes Sam home, you can see Roman Reigns stood behind him facing the house, then when the camera cuts back to Jonah, Reigns is suddenly on the decking.
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