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Fast Color

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Hunted by mysterious forces, a young woman (Gugu Mbatha-Raw) with supernatural abilities must go on the run when her powers are discovered. With nowhere else to go, she flees back to her family and the farmhouse she abandoned long ago. There, while being pursued by the local Sheriff (David Strathairn), she begins to mend the broken relationships with her mother (Lorraine Toussaint) and daughter (Saniyya Sidney) and learns that the power she needed was inside her all along.


  • Gugu Mbatha-Raw
  • David Strathairn
  • Lorraine Toussaint
  • Christopher Denham
  • Saniyya Sidney
  • Jermaine Washington
  • Jason E. Hill
  • Ryan Begay
  • Aliza Halm
  • Tasos Hernandez

Did You Know?


  • Hart and Horowitz are married, and they wrote the film as a response to becoming parents. "We were just very overwhelmed by the feeling of strength and power that we had never felt before." They feel parents, and mothers in particular, are heroic figures, and "that was the germ that grew from there."
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    • Bo: It's gotten harder for us to stay in hiding.
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Atom User Reviews



Apr 19, 2019

When all the puzzle-like pieces come together, the movie’s characters, story, score and emotions soar. The pace of that progress may feel slow, but things never get too quiet. It’s a movie with a racing pulse, and you can feel its heart in every frame.

Metacritic review by Monica Castillo
Monica Castillo
Apr 18, 2019

Working with an economical running time of 100 minutes and a relatively modest budget, Hart infuses Fast Color with genuinely moving drama, an engrossing, supernatural-sci-fi mystery and some pretty darn impressive special effects.

Metacritic review by Richard Roeper
Richard Roeper
Chicago Sun-Times
Feb 26, 2019

Hart has fashioned a tale of matriarchal inheritance, but one whose fierce message is undercut rather than deepened by its child's-book clarity. The intriguing setup receives underpowered execution, the intended jolts landing all too softly.

Metacritic review by Sheri Linden
Sheri Linden
The Hollywood Reporter