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Goofs from Fantastic Planet (La Planete Sauvage)

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  • The color of Tiwa's fingernails often changes from blue to teal.
  • When the Draag is felled by them Oms, as he briefly puts his hand over his chest, the grappling hook stuck in his chest appears over the hand.
  • In one of the shots showing the Om city, one of the Oms walking in the background blinks out of existence for a couple frames.
  • The English dub in inconsistent on whether the Draags think the humans had organized life or not. In the original French version, the Draag council discusses that there is proof the humans of Earth may have had intelligence and a culture of their own, but they still think the evidence is not conclusive. The English version however inserts the line "they may have destroyed their entire civilization", making it look like the Draags have been aware that the humans at one point were civilized.
  • When the Oms pass by the whip-like plants as they cross the desert, at times the plants moving in the background overlap the ones in the foreground.
  • When Tiwa notices that Terr has hiccups, a hair appears on the top right corner of the screen.
  • When Terr escapes and is dragged back, his both hands are holding the teaching device, then his face is shown and both hands are on the collar and at that point the device should have slipped, since he wasn't holding it anymore. But in the next shot, his both hands are holding on to the device again.
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