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A young couple. An isolated cabin. The killer strikes, chasing them through the woods. It's not one killer, but four. Ian, Derek, Jenny, and Miriam are high schoolers. Athletes. Scholars. Killers. They have rules. Never in their home town. Never anyone they know. No kids. No patterns. No witnesses. Halloween approaches. They know they've got to celebrate properly. An isolated farmhouse out in the country, an older couple living alone. A perfectly thought-out plan, assembled amid the usual chaos of homework, and family. Halloween night. The couple settle in for a quiet evening when it all begins. On the porch, a young girl curled into a ball, terrified and sobbing. They approach, concerned and confused, and she turns her head. A plastic mask instead of a face. Behind them, more people, more masks. The evening begins in earnest. All goes according to plan until their carefully staged operation turns into chaos.


  • Keenan Tracey
  • Brittany Raymond
  • Spencer Macpherson
  • Brittany Teo
  • Stephen Bogaert
  • Emmanuel Kabongo
  • Luke Goss
  • Joshua Joel Bailey
  • Richard Clarkin
  • Madeleine Claude

Did You Know?


  • When Luke Goss' character is looking at the first body there is blood all over the chest region but the victim's shirt it not torn, even though she was stabbed multiple times.
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