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  • Annie's clothes change in the middle of the film for no apparent reason.
  • After Ash comes out of the water, you can see a person behind him dressed in black running in the woods.
  • While Ash is wrapping his "Stump" in the white cloth and duct taping it, his fingers are clearly visible underneath the cloth.
  • A white liquid dribbles out of Henrietta's ear. This is Ted Raimi's sweat mixed with the white powder in the costume.
  • When Ash is reloading his shotgun during the battle scene with his severed hand, the hand gets its thumb caught in a mousetrap. In the next shot, the mousetrap is on the index finger.
  • As Annie shakes and slams an unconscious Ash against the floor, he appears to instinctively grab her arms and try to protect himself.
  • The rig that suspends Evil Ed in midair can be seen from the side; the overhead track that Henrietta swings from can be seen from the bottom view; when the severed hand is choking Ash, its foam thumb bends backwards.
  • After Ash flies through his windshield and before the evil force smashes through the rear window of his vehicle, the evil force advances and a portion of equipment used to shatter the window can be seen near the right side of the screen.
  • When Ash crashes through the front windshield of his Olds, a wire can be seen attached to his body.
  • When Ash and Annie are hugging just before the kitchen shelves fall, a crew member can clearly be seen in the background to the left of Annie. He moves a couple of times, trying to stay out of shot.
  • Various of the weapons used, including the chainsaw, the poker and a knife bend and wobble as though made of rubber or plastic.
  • After Ash finds that the bridge has fallen and tries to speed off in reverse, away from the spirits, the spirit point of view moves over a fully intact bridge.
  • The green slime on the wall and on the others disappears.
  • The wires holding Linda's flying head and move the roots of a tree are visible.
  • The lighting rig is often clearly visible above the cottage interior set.
  • When Linda's head rolls toward the camera after having it chopped off, you can see the crew member who had thrown the head in the background as he tries to get out of frame by hiding behind a log.
  • The wire connected to Henrietta's eye after it has popped out is visible while it flies through the air. This is corrected in the Blu-ray release.
  • Set lighting can be seen on top of the corners of the porch awning in several exterior shots of the cabin.
  • In several outdoor nighttime scenes, the lighting equipment used to create the eerie glows in the woods hanging from trees is visible.
  • When the possessed Henrietta is spinning over Annie, there is a large tear in the crotch of the "Henrietta" suit.
  • When Henrietta is attacking Ash as he is dragged out of the cellar by Jake, her right 'arm' only covers Ted Raimi's arm up to the elbow, where his rolled up sleeve is visible below the very tattered end of the fake arm. The left arm is full of tears, and neither is fitted well to the hands.
  • When Annie is trying to pull Jake out of the cellar door, she is sprayed with blood and her shirt and shorts are soaked in the front. When she turns around, she's almost completely clean. In the TV edit, you can see the amount of blood on her shirt matches the one in the release version; it was never used in the film version, but for TV broadcast in an attempt to tone down the violence.
  • When the "spirit" chases Ash through the house, you can see the rigging of the set where the roof should be.
  • In the beginning of the movie Ash's shirt is un-tucked when he walks over to the table with the tape recorder, then after listening to it when he walks into the room to find Linda his shirt is tucked into his pants.
  • When Linda comes back to life, her severed head has straight blonde hair in some shots, even though she has wavy brown hair.
  • Obvious doll's head used for the stop-motion animation when Linda comes back to life and dances outside the cabin.
  • Ash chops his hand off at the wrist, yet later it is seen to have a fair amount of forearm attached to it.
  • While Ash is fighting with his hand in the kitchen, you can see daylight through the windows above the sink. However, this scene supposedly takes place at night.
  • When Ash chops off his hand, blood sprays all over his face. In the very next shot, the blood is gone.
  • The introductory credits translate Book of the Dead as "Necronomicon Ex Mortis." Professor Knowby, however, gives a completely different Latin translation on the recording.
  • After Ash shoots Bobby Joe, she holds her upper arm as if it's injured, and there is no blood on her jacket or a bullet hole. When she takes her jacket off, the bullet wound is on her collarbone.
  • Early in the film, as Ash is fleeing from the cabin, he encounters the utterly-destroyed bridge, and he howls in despair. As the sun rapidly sets, the Evil Fog emerges on the far side of the bridge and crosses the bridge in pursuit of Ash. The bridge planks are entirely intact.
  • When Ash's hand gets bitten by the Evil Head, it is bitten on the flap of skin between index finger and thumb. Later, when the hand itself becomes possessed, and drags Ash along the floor towards the meat cleaver, the bite wound is still there, though the teeth marks are less pronounced, and there is a new large open wound on the back of the hand.
  • When Ed is possessed and starts flying in front of the window, a black wire holding him is clearly visible.
  • When wrestling with Linda's severed head in the cabin, we hear Ash say "Workshed" as he gets the idea to go for the chainsaw. But his lips never move.
  • Inconsistency with the amount of blood and/or mud on Ash's face.
  • Camera shadows are occasionally visible in some shots, depending on the format of the movie; such as the evil force bursting through the cabin at the beginning and attacking Ash, chasing Ash in the house, etc.
  • Before Jake gets thrown in a tree by the possessed Ash, we see that he's an obvious dummy.
  • After Ash regains composure from getting possessed by the evil force, the shot spins and zooms out to expose a very long shot; this shot has obviously been done in reverse-action as the water patterns from the movement of Ash's legs are playing backwards.
  • Ash gets attacked by his evil hand and slams into a cabinet full of dishes, which come crashing down on him; if you look at the previous shot, he clearly doesn't hit the cabinet hard enough yet the accompanying sounds go off to give the illusion that he hit it.
  • When Ash enters the shed and places Linda's head in a vice, the chains next to the vice aren't moving; yet in another shot they are and when it goes back to the original shot, the chains are still.
  • When Ash is thrown into the cellar he breaks a few of the steps, later he goes in to retrieve the pages of the Necronomicon and every step is intact.
  • When a dead creature tries to get through a trap door a man jumps on the door causing one of the creatures eye balls to fly out of it's socket, but it's obviously on a stick, into a screaming girl's mouth but it's then got a string attached to it to pull it out of her mouth and this would be screened in reverse.


  • When Ash arrives in the Middle Ages you can clearly see padding when he falls from the sky.
  • When Ash kills Linda in the workshed, blood splatters onto the light bulb; later, Ash returns to the shed to make the chainsaw hand and the light bulb has been cleaned up.
  • When Ash finds pages of the Necronomicon in the basement, he picks the pages out from a puddle of water. When he looks at the pages, the paper is dry.
  • When Ash is about to be sucked into the vortex and is hanging from the board, there's no shotgun in his holster, but after the board breaks and he is tumbling into the vortex the shotgun is back.
  • The harness, rope and pulley that drag Ash through time at the end are all clearly visible.
  • When Ash returns with the axe to kill Evil Ed, we see he chops off part of his head (via shadow). The next time we see Evil Ed, his head is intact.
  • Ash retrieves some Necronomicon pages in the cellar with his right hand--the hand that had been removed earlier in the film. The negatives were most likely flipped in these shots.
  • The demon version of Ash has a hand while he is fighting Annie.
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