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  • When Erin is ringing up companies looking for a job she puts the phone down twice after the last phone call.
  • Her old car is hit in the right rear and spun around. The gray "primer" is on the door with no damage to the rear of the car.
  • When Erin confronts George about his loud Harley, the motor clearly sports an oval air cleaner cover identifying it as a Harley Twin Cam which didn't come out until 1999-2000 (depending on the model) - several years after that scene would have taken place.
  • When Erin and George are sorting out the various decks of playing cards, she asks him how many decks they have. George responds, "We have more than we-nuff", an obvious combination of "more than we need" and "more than enough".
  • George and Erin's kids are playing the Monopoly: Harley-Davidson Authorized Edition, which was not released until 1997.
  • When Erin and Ed are in the park deck, a current generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class (W210) can be seen as they walk by. The model was not available before 1995.
  • In the meeting with the young PG&E representative, the paper Ed puts on the table in front of the guy changes position several times.
  • The bowl of chips in front of Beth in the "Finding the kids at George's house" scene changes position several times.
  • After Erin comes up from the PG&E well with the water sample, she is chased to her car by two PG&E employees. She gets in and frantically tries to make her getaway. Apparently the car doesn't start the first time and she tries again. However, when the starter is heard cranking the second time, Erin's hand is already off the ignition switch and moving to the gearshift.
  • Letters on a desk in the lawyer's office have 33 cent stamps showing the USA Flag and a skyscraper, which were issued in 1999. The movie is set in the early 1990s, when the first class postage rate was 25 cents, and later 29 cents.
  • When Erin and Ed are driving along the highway in his Mercedes, a current generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class flies by them; this model didn't come out until 1996.
  • Immediately after their first meeting with a PG&E attorney, Masry and Brockovich return to his office where he loosens his tie. After a cut to Erin, Masry's tie is back in place. Next time it's loose again.
  • After the kids are playing what appears to be the card game War with George, the children get up, and the son says "Good night, Aaron", when referring to George. Aaron is the actor's name, Aaron Eckhart.
  • The first time that Erin visits the Water Board archive, the photocopier has a blue start button. When she returns later, the start button changes to green.
  • At the picnic there is a can of Diet Coke that has the 1997 style, rather than the 1986 design used in the early 1990s.
  • The coffee stain on Masry's shirt after tripping over the box of files appears, then disappears when he goes to talk to Erin.
  • (at around 47 mins) When Ed Masry hands over a stack of paper to his assistant, to be faxed to the PG&E Company, at the bottom of the stack there are pages of a movie script, once when he hands them over and again when the assistant arranges the papers in a neat stack on her desk, preparing them to be faxed.
  • In the movie, Erin claims to have been Miss Wichita as a younger woman. The real Erin Brockovich-Ellis was in fact Miss Pacific Coast.
  • In the accident, Erin's car is seen being hit broadside by the doctors car obviously running though a red light while she was driving straight across the intersection, but in the telling of the accident in court Erin says that he came around the corner, out of control, as she was "slowly pulling out" of her parking space. In the visual, the doctor is clearly the guilty party but in Erin's courtroom testimony it appears that Erin pulled out of her parking space unsafely into the path of an oncoming cornering car.
  • When Erin first goes to the county water board to talk to Scott about the records, Erin's arms change position in between shots going from being in front of her chest to flat on the counter.
  • Erin receives a cashier's check from her boss that has no date on it.
  • Erin's kids are playing the Monopoly: Harley-Davidson Authorized Edition, which was not released until 1997.
  • Erin's duties that she took upon herself go way beyond the description of a legal clerk and is actually practicing law without a license or having passed the state Bar exam. In other words, although she has good intentions, her work is illegal, especially when it comes to questioning clients and victims of PG & E.
  • If Erin truly knows all of the plaintiffs' phone numbers by heart, it makes no sense to put some of them in the dossier but not others (as Theresa states).
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