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  • During the final fight with Lee, the glove on Han's right hand disappears and reappears between shots.
  • Mr. Han moves his left hand before it is revealed to be fake.
  • When the one guard attacks Lee underground with the nunchucks, the shadow of a studio light appears on the crates in the background.
  • When Lee first goes down the secret door in the garden, the rope he pulls out of his bag is new. When he descends past the secret doors, the rope has big knots tied in it. Since he has to tie the other end to the gravestone, it looks a bit too long.
  • After Su Lin knees a man in the groin, she turns around quickly to escape. In the next scene, she is still facing the man she kneed, and turns around a second time.
  • The wire attached to Mei Ling's dart is visible before she blows it up in the air.
  • The position of Lee's hands holding his head up change after he places the snake in the radio room, and waits for the two men to climb through the broken window.
  • When Lee and Han are fighting in the trophy room, Lee delivers a right crescent kick to Han's face. As Lee quickly moves off to his right, a microphone or lighting bracket is visible to the left.
  • When Lee investigates the grounds, he has to jump into a tree to avoid being spotted. The jump was obviously filmed in reverse.
  • The first time Lee lowers himself into the underground lab, his jump suit is smeared with paint and concrete dust from the set.
  • When Lee is discovered investigating the secret underground lair, the trap door is closed. He had to open it to begin his descent; it couldn't be open already if he was on the rope.
  • Toward the end of the movie, right after Bruce Lee delivers a flurry of kicks to a guard's head, an extra in the background laughs.
  • Han describes his prisoners as "Old men who don't care where they sleep." Dozens of emaciated old men, who are presumably not fed or treated well, are crammed into a cell. After they are released, they turn into dozens of healthy young men, physically fit and ready for a fight.
  • Many of the extras in the courtyard fighting scenes are wearing wristwatches. They would be banned at an actual martial arts contest.
  • During the fight with the guards, Lee knocks one guard against the cell wall containing the prisoners, who immediately grab the guard and hold him against the bars. In the next shot, the guard disappears.
  • When Han walks John Saxon through his museum, the various hands are all (correctly) left, until they reach the skeletal hand that was Han's real hand. It's a right hand.
  • When the tournament first begins, and the fighters are standing around waiting for it to start, Williams stands close to Han's throne wearing black trainers (sneakers). When he fights Parsons, his trainers are white.
  • When Mr. Han takes Roper to his secret underground lair, the guillotine "elevator" starts to descend just before Han pulls the cord to trigger it.
  • When Lee breaks into Han's underground lab for the last time, he is wearing black socks. The next morning, when he fights Han (after being locked up all night and never changing clothes), he is wearing white socks.
  • The same shot of the rope being lowered down and Lee's feet is used both times he breaks into the underground lab.
  • When Williams fights Parsons during the tournament, Han is wearing a blue coat, which turns into a brown coat, then back to blue.
  • At the beginning of the movie, Lee rebukes his student for looking down when he bows during a lesson, saying "NEVER take your eyes off your opponent!" Later in the movie, Lee does just that during his fight with Oharra. He looks at Han long enough for Oharra to grab Lee's ankles, in an attempt to cheat.
  • In the final fight in the courtyard, Bruce Lee can be seen running around frantically on the right side of the screen, choreographing the fight.
  • Mr. Han places the cat on the guillotine facing the rear (away from him and Roper). When Roper rescues the cat, it is facing the front (towards him and Mr. Han).
  • During the first infiltration of Han's underground lab, Lee slips under a metal railing to climb back up the rope. When he goes under the bars, they bend and return, revealing that they are made of rubber.
  • In Lee's final fight against Han, Han is wearing a glove with four blades. A number of injuries inflicted only leave three slash marks.
  • In the restaurant during the feast before the first fight, Riper is sitting there talking to a lady in a blue dress while drinking a beer. Lee looks over to him and the glass of light colored beer Roper is holding is almost empty. Roper looks to Lee and when the camera cuts back to Roper the glass of beer Roper is holding is almost half full and much darker. The next cut away shows Roper once again holding an almost-empty glass of light colored beer.
  • When Roper is being ferried to Han's junk, he has a ludicrous number of suitcases with him on the skiff. The skiff is sitting impossibly high in the water considering there is the oarsman, a 200 pound Roper, and about 20 suitcases on board. The suitcases must be empty.
  • During Roper's first fight, his opponent is wearing ring, which would never be allowed in a tournament.
  • When Han introduces Roper to his daughters, he mentions that they are "my most personal bodyguards." But in the final fight scene, there are no women involved. Where were his bodyguards?
  • Before Lee's fight with Oharra, Mr Han can be seen wearing a blue top. When the two fighters are summoned, Mr Han's top changes and remains brown.
  • During the second infiltration of Mr Han's underground lab, Lee is hiding out of shot whilst a nurse walks away from the camera through a doorway. When the nurse exits from the shot, Lee's shadow immediately appears on the floor from the left, revealing that the sequence was not filmed continuously.


  • In the fight scene between Williams and Mr. Han, Han kills Williams with his fake left hand. When Han slashes Lee, his right hand is fake.
  • In the final fight with Han, the wounds on Lee's abdomen could not have been caused by Han's knife-clawed hand - the slashes are too far apart for that to be possible.
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