Enemies of the State

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An American family becomes entangled in a bizarre web of secrets and lies when their hacker son is targeted by the U.S. government, making them all ENEMIES OF THE STATE.


  • Joel Widman
  • Stuart Anderson
  • Nemo Baletic
  • Angela Barbosa
  • Steven Bennett
  • Annie Bio
  • Martin Bliss
  • Christopher Clark
  • James Donahower

Atom User Reviews

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Jul 8, 2021

One cannot deny that the director provides all the clues possible, while still leaving it to the viewers to decide if this is a film, as one of the many lawyers featured mentioned, about “people being paranoid or is the system really out there to get them.”

Metacritic review by Hanna B.
Hanna B.
Film Threat
Sep 15, 2020

This is a documentary that carefully, meticulously builds a case and then blindsides the viewer with revelations, second thoughts and fresh evidence that makes you reconsider everything you thought was certain.

Allan Hunter
Screen Daily
Sep 15, 2020

Enemies of the State is a chilling watch, both for what it contemplates and for the internal path that each viewer will take while experiencing it. That some will come away from the film unwilling to accept its conclusions merely proves the film’s point.

Metacritic review by Alonso Duralde
Alonso Duralde