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  • The position of the blue book in the executive's hand behind Buddy when he first meets and sings for his father changes repeatedly between shots.
  • When Buddy chases Michael down the street from the school, a crew member in a yellow hat can be seen trying to duck back behind a doorway of a house on the street.
  • After the boardroom meeting when Miles knocked Buddy over onto the floor and the picture fell off the wall, in the next scene the picture is back up on the wall. Also, Buddy is sitting down in an opposite position from the last scene when he got knocked down on the ground.
  • Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel's concert in Central Park was in 1981, not 1985 as the news anchor says when talking about the "Central Park Rangers".
  • When Emily is eating the spaghetti for breakfast, you can see the amount of sauce on the pasta changes between shots.
  • During the boardroom meeting with Miles Finch, a chair repeatedly moves between shots.
  • When Walter and Emily are talking in their room, and Walter is lying on the bed, his legs change position between shots.
  • When Walter and Buddy are in the "tickle fight" on the bed, there is a red piece of yarn or fluff that moves around Walter's shirt from shot to shot.
  • Lights are visible in the office and mailroom scenes.
  • When Buddy is at the apartment having dinner with the family, the coke bottle is near Michael's right hand. When Buddy goes to drink the coke it is right next to him. He never asks for the coke to be passed.
  • In the scene in Central Park when Santa is trying to fix his sleigh, the trap door is open but when Michael comes to help Santa, Santa asks Michael to open the trap door for him.
  • When Jovie is first seen singing in the shower, her body stocking is visible.
  • When Buddy is in the elf classroom, the platform on which his desk is sitting to aid in forced perspective is visible at the bottom of the screen.
  • When Jovie is singing in the shower, after Buddy joins in she stops singing but her voice can still be heard.
  • When Emily is eating the breakfast that Buddy made her, an utensil switches between being in the bowl to on the table between shots.
  • When Santa moves the sleigh while Buddy is putting on the turbine engine to get away from the Central Park Rangers, Buddy flails, making it obvious that he is lying down on a softer padding than the floor.
  • The trucks on the skateboard that Santa gives Michael are facing the same way. It would be impossible to turn like that; a skateboard is put together with the trucks facing opposite each other.
  • When the nun puts Buddy in his crib she covers him up. The close-up shot of Buddy shows the blanket down around his kicking feet. In the next shot, the blanket is back up under his arms.
  • When Buddy and Michael take cover behind the snow bank during the snowball fight, rips in Buddy's tights can be seen in his inner thigh area during one shot, but not in the others.
  • In Central Park, while trying to fix Santa's sleigh, we see Buddy through the trap door. But in the long shot, as the sleigh rises off the ground a few feet, Buddy has disappeared. This happens several times in the scene.
  • When Buddy discovers Santa in Central Park, a tether holding the lead reindeer in place is plainly visible, running from his harness off the left-hand side of the screen.
  • Buddy's date with Jovie takes place during the night. In the next scene in Walter's office, it is obviously day; however, Buddy is still wearing the same clothes from the date.
  • The size of Miles Finch's black notebook changes. The book held by Eugene later in the movie is obviously much wider than when we see Miles's book for the first time.
  • When baby Buddy is in his crib, he kicks off his blanket so you can clearly read "Little Buddy Diapers". The blanket is covering him completely in the next shot.
  • When Michael is reading from Santa's list, he recites the names as they are listed. Suddenly, when given a name to "look up", he says "D" and flips pages looking for "D" as if the book is in alphabetical order. However, the names he already read are in no particular order.
  • After Buddy was arrested for assaulting the store Santa, he was let out pretty easily. In real life, Buddy wouldn't be released out so easily, as when he was booked at the jail, the NYPD would have been suspicious of the fact that he had no identification and no background (of course, if Buddy insisted he was an elf from the North Pole, the police would have probably thought he was insane and committed him to an asylum).
  • The raccoon that attacked Buddy makes the sound of a monkey.
  • When Buddy rides the revolving doors when he first comes to New York, he runs to the curb to throw up in the street trash can. You can see two people on the left waiting for the signal to start walking.
  • At the end of the movie when Buddy is reading his story to a group of children he says aloud that he "passed through the seven levels of the Candy Cane Forest, through the sea of TWIRLY SWIRLY gum drops", however the book from which he is reading clearly reads that he passed through the sea of "SWIRLY TWIRLY gumdrops". The previous two times he recounted the story, once to Walter, Michael, and Emily at the dinner table at their first meeting and then to the mail room guy in the mail room, he referred to it as the "sea of SWIRLY TWIRLY gumdrops".
  • When Buddy and Leon are talking they are both "walking". Leon is making an impression in the snow as he "slides" along, but Buddy's footprints are making no impression.
  • When Michael and Buddy are jumping in the elevator, you can see the elevator bounce before they actually land on it.
  • Papa Elf tells Buddy that "less and less people believe in Santa Claus". This is incorrect grammar. It should be "fewer and fewer people believe in Santa Claus".
  • If Santa actually exists in this fictional universe, then wouldn't all the parents wonder how all his presents got there that they didn't buy?
  • Santa tells Michael that just telling people he exists won't work as that would destroy the belief in Christmas Spirit so when he flies over the heads of all the people by the entrance to the park his sleigh should crash not fly faster.
  • In the beginning of the boardroom scene when Miles Finch is listening to their book ideas, his little black book full of story ideas moves back and forth from his left hand to his right hand when switching camera shots.
  • Santa asks Buddy to help him fix the Kringle 3000 turbine. There is little clearance between the Kringle 3000 and the ground. When Michael sees his Huff board present inside Santa's bag, he grabs it and the sleigh flies a little bit. Buddy is underneath the sleigh fixing the Kringle 3000, but as it comes down there is no scream. He would have been crushed by the weight of the sleigh.
  • When Buddy first goes to Gimbels and meets Jovie it is right after he met his father during the day. There is an announcement that Gimbels will be closing in 10 minutes. During that time of season the store would be open much later.
  • Walter and Buddy have an emotional moment by the engine to Santa's sleigh. In the next shot we see Buddy parting a tree branch so Walter and Michael can see the sleigh. Buddy does not have the engine. In the following shot, they are by Santa's sleigh and Buddy has the engine.
  • Peter Dinklidge's stunt double is visible when Miles Finch kicks Buddy after running across the table.
  • When Miles Finch throws Buddy off the table, after calling Miles an elf one last time, Buddy knocks a picture frame off the wall and it breaks. In the next frame where Miles storms out, the picture can be seen still hanging behind Debbie on the wall, unbroken.
  • When Buddy received the finger prick at the doctor's office, there's no blood on his finger, neither is there any blood on the cotton ball placed on his finger.
  • When Walter and Emily are talking in their room, Walter has his hands apart near his knees. The next shot is a reflection in the mirror with his hands clasped, then the shot returns to Walter with his hands apart near his knees.
  • At the moment just after Santa and Buddy fly over the crowd of revelers outside Central Park, several of the actors miss their mark at where to look. Michael Cain and the extra in the right-foreground appear to be looking correctly at where the sleigh was at in the very previous shot, while the other actors are either looking straight up near 90 degrees and Mary Steenburgen doesn't appear to know where to look.
  • After Buddy fights Miles and is thrown out by his father, James Caan is seen sitting at his desk reflecting, but his watch indicated it was 11:40 pm, obviously it was much earlier on Christmas Eve with shoppers etc.
  • When Papa Elf is showing Buddy Santa's sleigh, the jet engine begins to spark. Papa Elf says that it is a problem in the thermocouplers. A thermocouple is a pair (thus couple) of wires that can be used to measure temperature. A thermocoupler would be a component that joins something. But there is no such component.
  • While giving Buddy advice for his trip to New York, Santa adds that there are about 30 Ray's Pizzas that all claim to be the original, but the real original location is on 11th Street. However, Santa is incorrect. He is referring to Famous Ray's Pizza, which was located at Sixth Avenue and 11th Street, and operated between the 1970s and 2011. In actuality, the first Ray's Pizza, which operated between 1959 and 2011, was located at 27 Prince Street on the northern edge of Little Italy, Manhattan.


  • When Buddy's dad is fired, the manager says: "You're out of Greenway! You're out!" However, in a previous shot, the sign says Gateway. Later, the sign is shown again saying Gateway, then another shot of the sign is shown shortly after, and it says Greenway.
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