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  • In the diner scene, a shadow on the wood panel between the booths.
  • After Wyatt asks the farmer permission to repair the motorcycle tire in the barn, the cowboy who is shoeing a horse puts his left arm on the horse's back. Between shots he appears with his both arms by his sides.
  • The watch shown thrown on the ground is a cheap Timex, yet Wyatt wears a Rolex.
  • In the jail scene where they first meet George, you can see the shadow of the boom mic on the wall as George and Billy walk across the jail cell after Billy is given a cigarette by the guard.
  • Wyatt and Billy are going to the Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans. This indicates that they are traveling in either late January or early February, given that Mardi Gras usually takes place in mid February. Despite this, and despite the number of states they drive through, the men never drive through an area of cold weather. Many of the characters they meet are wearing summer style clothes, and the weather is most obvious in New Mexico, where the winters can be extremely hard with lots of snow.
  • In the commune Billy walks in front of one of the tents and the bright sunlight of the reflector moves with him on the tent. As he walks back the it follows him back.
  • In the diner, George Hanson enters wearing his football helmet. When he begins to sit down, his reflection in the mirror shows him rubbing his eyes. The next shot shows him just sitting and the helmet is already on the table.
  • While the hitch-hiker is guiding Wyatt & Billy down the dirt road to the commune, Wyatt's helmet jumps back and forth on the back of the bike between shots.
  • In one of the riding across the bridge montage scenes, you can see the camera man filming from the trunk of a car, in the reflection of Wyatt's sunglasses.
  • Flipped shot: in the first shot of Wyatt with the motorcycle, the "Captain America" jacket is seen in reverse - the vertical strip and badge is on the left side of the chest and in the last second when he departs, the flag is reversed too.
  • When Wyatt and Billy ride off from the farm, where they fix the tire, a shadow of the camera is cast on Billy.
  • The scene just before Wyatt throws away his watch is a mirror image. The bike appears to be leaning to the right on the kickstand (instead of the left) and his jacket has stripes down the right side but in the rest of the movie they're down the left side.
  • When Billy and Wyatt are with George outside the police station, as Billy hands over the bottle of liquor and drinks it, the boom mic is reflected in his sun glasses.
  • In the riding part after the trip at the cemetery they come along two old tanks on the side of the road. After they make a stop they come along them again, although it is shown from a different angle.
  • The commune is set in New Mexico, but the VW bus has California license plates, and the ocean can be seen in the background.
  • In the first camping scene, Wyatt and Billy sit by the fire in high grass and thick foliage, next to an abandoned vehicle. When they wake up in the morning they're in a barren southwestern landscape, with no vehicle in sight.
  • During Robert Walker Jr.'s t'ai chi scene in the commune the equipment generator can be heard in the background.
  • Our heroes are heading east across the country in a trip, having started in LA. Yet in a town relatively far east on the journey, a Pacific Bell telephone logo is seen.
  • Peter's bike is flying through the air landing on the other side of the fence. But, in the next shot the burning bike is just off the road.
  • When Wyatt throws away his watch at the beginning of the film, a close-up shows that it is 20 minutes to noon, but as they pull out onto the road the lowered sun reveals that it is more like 3:00 or 4:00pm in the afternoon.
  • Wyatt asks the farmer if he can fix his flat. Yet all you see is him and Billy dropping off the tire from the frame, and propping it back on.
  • The interior shots of the giant tee-pee in the commune show a large picture window in the middle of the front wall, but in the exterior shots there is no window anywhere.
  • In the whorehouse scene, Karen enters through the door wearing black stockings. When she moves to the couch with Billy, she is instead wearing fishnet stockings.
  • Near the end of the song, "The Pusher", Peter Fonda's jacket has the field of the American flag on the right (wrong) side. In the next scene, it is corrected.
  • At the Enco filling station the red pump at the back right side has no hose, and they don't pay for their gas.
  • After vigilantes attack the trio at the campsite and George is beaten to death, the next time we see Billy and Captain America being served in the New Orleans restaurant, neither of them has a cut, bruise or any swelling from the assault.


  • In the last helicopter shot, you should be able to see the pickup truck driving away on the road, as Wyatt has just been shot, but there is no car on the road.---------- The pick-up truck would naturally have left as quickly as possible before the police arrived, so there is no reason why it has to be in the helicopter shot.
  • Wyatt's bike stops too quickly at the end of the film.
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