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    • Lord Nooth: The age of stone is over. Long live the age of bronze.
    • Lord Nooth: Take 'im away and kill 'im... do it slowly
    • [Guards start walking away with Dug really slowly]
    • Lord Nooth: No! I meant take 'im away at normal speed and kill 'im slowly!
    • Dug: Oh Hognob
    • Dug: Hognob!
    • Dug: Hognob?
    • Treebor: Oh mum!
    • Dug: Frankly, my dear, I don't give a Spam.
    • Dug: You better go easy on the potato juice before you get... chip-faced.
    • Dug: Holy chips!
    • Lord Nooth: I have been massaged by a pig!
    • Dino: Fowl!
    • Lord Nooth: Foul? There's no foul, you silly slap-head, the game's not even started.
    • [Referring to the inbound giant duck]
    • Dino: No, Fowl!
    • Villager: Sliced bread? That's the best thing since... well, ever!
    • Brian: Early man united. Another joke for you there.
    • [Winces at foul]
    • Bryan: That's not cricket, Brian! Whatever cricket is.
    • Bryan: That's a slice of fried bronze.
    • Brian: It looks like a giant fowl's wondered onto the pitch.
    • Bryan: He thinks it's all over...
    • Brian: It is now.
    • Chief Bobnar: I can't play. I'm an old man. I'm almost 32.
    • Lord Nooth: Dino, do you have your rule book?
    • Dino: Of course.
    • Lord Nooth: Good, 'cause i'm going to throw it at you.
    • [Knocks out Dino with book]
    • [Handed a spear]
    • Treebor: Ooh, it's pointy!
    • Lord Nooth: Beating him with sausages? Shame on you! That's a definite penalty!
    • Goona: Where have you been, the Stone Age?
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