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  • Geneva Robertson-Dworet is one of the credited writers for the film. The city in which the game of Dungeons and Dragons was invented is named Lake Geneva, WI.
  • The movie was moved to November to accommodate for Mission: Impossible 7 (2021).
  • The fourth Dungeons and Dragons film and also a reboot.
  • The film was originally gonna be developed by Warner Bros. Pictures but it was later moved to Paramount Pictures and Allspark Pictures.
  • Actor Joe Manganiello who's the co-screen story on the film is an avid fan of the role-playing game.
  • Chris McKay was in negotiations to serve as the film's director.
  • Rob Letterman was set to direct and Ansel Elgort was casted as the lead.
  • On May 9, 2013, Warner Bros and Courtney Solomon's Sweetpea Entertainment were sued by Hasbro issued a lawsuit saying that they were co-producing a Dungeons & Dragons film at Universal Pictures with Chris Morgan writing and directing.
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