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  • "Dreams" was the first film Kurosawa had written by himself without a collaborator since "Those Who Tread on the Tiger's Tail" forty five years earlier.
  • Was originally titled "Such Dreams I have Dreamed."
  • According to Kurosawa, the script was written in "two months, maybe less."
  • Kurosawa had trouble getting financing from studios in Japan, blaming much on the political nature of his criticism of nuclear power in the film. He sent a copy of his script to Steven Spielberg, who liked it, and helped get a deal for the film through Warner Bros.
  • The eight segments of the film were originally joined by three more that ended up being cut due to time restraints; one involved people flying through the air, another involved Buddhist priests protesting temple taxes, and the third focused on newscasters talking about a breakout of world peace.
  • Kurosawa had envisioned the role of Vincent Van Gogh being portrayed by Martin Scorsese when he first wrote it, based on his first meeting with him seven years earlier.
  • The house in the "Sunshine Through the Rain" sequence is a reproduction of Kurosawa's childhood home in Koshikawa, complete with a nameplate that reads KUROSAWA.
  • Director Trademark: [weather] The types of weather in each segment set the mood or have a symbolic meaning, be it the rain/rainbow in "Sunshine Through the Rain" and its traditional folklore-based meaning, the snowy tempest in "The Blizzard" representing difficult times in life when one needs to persevere to achieve his goal, the gusts of wind in "Mount Fuji in Red" setting the tone of chaos and turbulence of the segment, and finally the contrast between the heavy clouds of "The Weeping Demon" and the serene sunny weather in "Village of the Watermills".
  • Opening film of the 1990 Cannes Film Festival.
  • A clip from this film can be seen in Richard Linklater's film Waking Life (2001).
  • In an interview at the BFI in London in February 2017, Martin Scorsese told interviewer Nick James that Akira Kurosawa asked him to appear as Van Gogh in " Dreams " because Francis Ford Coppola had told Kurosawa that Scorsese would do it.
  • Certain DVD editions of the film contain the documentary, Kurosawa's Way.
  • One of three Kurosawa films warning viewers of the dangers of nuclear power. The other two were I Live In Fear and Rhapsody In August.
  • This marked the last work of director Ishirô Honda, who directed the segments "The Tunnel" and "Mt. Fuji in Red".
  • George Lucas provided the special effects for the movie with his company ILM.
  • The visual effects for the "Crows" segment were provided by George Lucas and his special effects group Industrial Light & Magic.
  • This film is part of the Criterion Collection, spine #842.
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