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    • Narrator: Children learn by doing, by building, by creating.
    • Narrator: Those of us who dream big, can carry that joy of creativity all throughout our lives.
    • Narrator: Through the power of imagination, they astonish us. They're called engineers.
    • Narrator: With each life-changing creation, like the International Space Station, engineers enhance the human experience.
    • Narrator: Every Bridge, every building grows from an engineers imagination.
    • Narrator: The boldest solutions... start with the biggest dreams!
    • Menzer Pelivan: Today I am a professional engineer in Seattle, hoping to make structures safer during Earthquakes.
    • Narrator: Here, engineers had a unique challenge-designing the city's tallest skyscraper at a site prone to liquefaction. The engineers solved it... from the ground up.
    • Narrator: Keeping people safe has always been the heart and soul of engineering.
    • Steve Burrows: The Lidar showed the most precisely built parts are standing well today.
    • Steve Burrows: Adding sticky rice and lime to the mortar, makes the mortar more elastic. It allows the wall to stretch and contract depending on the temperature.
    • Narrator: Engineers squeezed an entire urban district into one city block... by going vertical.
    • Narrator: Engineers learn from catastrophes. New insights about the impact of wind on suspension bridges have let to better designs.
    • Narrator: A large bridge can connect people and so can a small one
    • Narrator: Falkirk is frugal with electricity, but renewable energy holds an even brighter future.
    • Angelica Hernandez: But in robotics club Fredi taught us a system: define the problem, come up with different solutions, and pick the best one.
    • Angelica Hernandez: Knowng that somebody believes in you, even though you don't believe in yourself, even though you doubt that you could do something... I think, you know, if you could find that in somebody, it's just-it's a blessing.
    • Narrator: Young minds will shape our future.
    • Narrator: The word engineer means ingenious. I love being an engineer-I create things from nothing. From blank sheets of paper, I can change cities, I can change the future.
    • Narrator: The joy of engineering the future belongs to the young. What better time to start dreaming BIG!
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