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  • When Ted visits the Once-ler for the second time and dives to the ground to avoid being launched by the sledgehammer as happened the first time, he stands up and his goggles are around his neck but hanging behind him. The scene then switches to the Once-ler and then back to Ted, and his goggles are still around his neck but now hanging in front of him.
  • The second time Ted goes to see the Once-ler, he accelerates his scooter using the left handle; in the rest of the movie, the accelerator is in the (usual) right-hand handle.
  • When the family is playing a scrabble type game, Grandma has the letters LORXBRA, later in the movie she has the letters LRXBRA without playing her turn.
  • Just after Ted kisses the cereal box, a juice carton is on the table. When Ted walks away from the table and is stopped by his mom, the carton is gone.
  • When Ted's mother escapes in her car, you can see the doll in the back seat. After that it disappears during the whole chase sequence, then appears again when she stops.
  • During the "How Bad Can I Be" song it is seen that the Once' Ler has his sunglasses on when he adds the Truffula tree to his shirt, and a few shots later he is shown putting his sunglasses on.
  • After O'Hare is done telling Ted to never leave the city again, he gets in his car. When he gets in his car is on one side of the tunnel, and when he drives away, it's on the other side.
  • the young Once-ler finds the trees and the bears make a tower. Pipsqueak is on the top of the tower and his belly is shaved but it is not until later on that the Once-ler's razor shaves him.
  • When the young once-ler is throwing things out of his wagon at the animals behind him, the big bear is seen in two shots. Then, when the camera widens to see the angry animals, the big bear is walking up and is surprised to see his friends so angry.
  • The film never explains about how does Grammy Norma know so much about the Once-ler. The film never showed that she had a relationship with him, or even shown in the Once-ler flashback, with Norma as young as the Once-ler was. Yet film shows that she knows where the Once-ler lives, and even mentions about the fact he exist to Ted without any explanatory reason.
  • Ted's calendar in his room shows 35 days in October.
  • When the two hired goons interrupt O'Hare's meeting, one shows him live footage on his cell phone of Ted driving through the door to the ramp that leaves the city. A moment later, Ted is shown poking his head through that same door and preparing to drive through it.
  • Just before the "How bad can I be?" song a close-up of the guitar the Once-ler is playing shows a considerable amount of white tape wrapped round the fret board. Moments later when he is playing the guitar outside, the tape is gone.
  • When the delivery man is shown making his first delivery, his vehicle is shown driving on the left side of the road. However, in all other street scenes it is clearly shown that all other vehicles drive on the right.
  • During the "Let it Grow" song, once Ted's family and Audrey start singing, you can see O'Hare's employees' mouths moving but you can't hear them singing. They might just be lip-syncing.
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