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  • While King George V inspects the troops, he is accompanied by a man dressed in lord lieutenant clothing. This is incorrect as Lord Grantham is the lord lieutenant of the local area, yet he is sitting in the 'VIP' area instead of with the king.
  • The morning after a long, torrential downpour, there is no trace of water on the pavement or in the flat gravel driveway.
  • "God Save The Queen" in the subtitles (in English) is correct and proper when the English sovereign is female. The majority of people alive today have heard only that title. But, when played for George V, the title needs to be "God Save the King."
  • When first explaining Lucy Smith Lady Bagshaw says that she was the daughter of her husband army servant Jack Smith and that both of them died in the Boer War. Later when confronted by Lady Merton she says Jack came to her after her husband died and that they were together for 10 years and that he died when Lucy was 6. Both can not be true.
  • Mr Sellick makes reference to "working nine to five." This was not the standard working day in 1920s Britain, with most workers having a much longer day, and the adjectival sense of "nine to five" is first recorded in 1927.
  • We are told that the Prince of Wales will visit Africa the following year. That means that the time of the movie is 1924. However, at one point a character bursts into the song "I Danced with a Man Who Danced with a Girl who Danced with the Prince of Wales." That was first published in 1927.
  • Lady Mary comments that the suppression of news about an incident is "an Establishment cover-up." The word "Establishment" to refer to the people officially or unofficially at the head of society was not used until the late 1950s.
  • During the parade you can see people's breaths when they speak even though it's set in the summer.
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