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Goofs from Dolittle

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  • When going to see the Queen, the animals and Rose claim they are going to Buckingham Palace. Yet, they arrive to Blenheim Palace, which is not only not a royal palace, but also not remotely similar in either location or architecture to Buckingham Palace.
  • One of the Queen's royal guard mentions talking to ladybugs. In England, these insects are called ladybirds.
  • The plaque on Dr. Dolittle's gates invites people to "Inquire Within". In British English, the sign should say "Enquire Within".
  • When they arrive at Buckingham Palace (they actually arrive at Blenheim Palace), they are greeted by Guardsmen. The red plume indicates that they are Coldstream guards. However, the plume is on the wrong side of the bearskin, it should be on the right, and the buttons are wrong, they should be in pairs, one vertical line of buttons.
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