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  • A Visa logo visible in a store front window. In the 1970s, it was the BankAmeriCard.
  • The clips of The Front Page (1974) are shown out of order.
  • While the film tells the story of the making of Dolemite (1975), the car chase, the Cadillac exploding, and the sex scene are from the sequel, The Human Tornado (1976). The scenes are intentionally included as a nod to Moore's later film.
  • While filming the sex scene, Rudy Ray Moore says the line "Put your weight on it." While this line is never said in Dolemite (1975) or The Human Tornado (1976) (the film the actual scene is from), it's said 24 times in Moore's fourth film, Disco Godfather (1979). It's included here as an "inside joke."
  • When Rudy goes to the abandoned Dunbar Hotel with Jerry Jones, a modern minivan passes in the distance as Rudy breaks in.
  • During the setup for filming at the Dunbar Hotel, one shot shows a silver Toyota Prius on the street.
  • In the course of Rudy and his cast driving out to the premiere of Dolemite, several contemporary cars pass on the right side of the road.
  • When Dolemite (1975) is shown in theaters, it is heavily edited and intentionally interspersed with scenes from The Human Tornado (1976).
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