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  • During the roller coaster scene, the cart which Gru rides in has a safety bar before he gets on, but it's missing when he gets off.
  • After Gru punches the shark, and as Vector takes off, we get an aerial shot of the area and Gru is in a solid circle wall, apart from the entrance gate. The pyramid is outside of the wall, with the only way to reach it being to go through the gateway and round. Moments later, Gru runs towards it crossing the island but would have had to cross the wall before running straight up the pyramid.
  • When Agnes first asks Gru to read a bedtime story, the picture on the book she is holding switches from the back cover to the front.
  • When Gru is reading the story about the Three Little Kitties, he turns the pages while keeping his fingers inside of the puppets. This would be impossible because of the way the holes in the other pages line up with his fingers as he turns them.
  • When Gru was asking for money in the bank, Mr. Perkins' apple switches from left to right (when he squeezes it at Gru).
  • When the Times Square JumboTron is scrolling its message, the lettering appears damaged as it scrolls and maintains the same damaged/inconsistent state throughout the screen width. As a JumboTron is composed of stationary lights, a burnt bulb will cause the characters to be whole/correct as they clear the burnt area. The damage should be stationary and not scroll with the letter.
  • During the slo-mo scene of the ping pong ball leaving Agnes' gun, Edith's gun is still shooting and recoiling, but no balls are leaving the gun.
  • When Gru grabs Edith while trying to get the girls to sleep, Agnes is shown hopping on her bed while she laughs out loud, the sound of her laughter continues to play briefly even after she stops laughing.
  • When Gru is laying down the rules for the girls after being adopted, the clock on the stove goes from 12:10 to 12:11 and back to 12:10 again.
  • When Phil the Minion is drinking the soda in the Supermarket, he shakes the bottle making liquid fly out the top, but it never comes back down.
  • There are boys seen living in Miss Hattie's Home For Girls.
  • When the pyramid is falling down, the tourists that were standing in front of it disappear.
  • When Gru returns home from stealing coffee and a pastry from a coffee shop, he gets out of his vehicle and speaks with his neighbor. His hands are empty as he talks, and he immediately steps toward his house after the conversation. The pastry appears inside his house in the next scene where Gru is sitting in his living room.
  • Gru is shown arriving at the moon in only a few minutes time after taking off, and again taking only a few minutes to return to earth. In reality it takes about 3-4 days to reach the moon.
  • When Mr. Perkins of the Evil Bank shows Victor Perkins (Vector) the screen capture from his video conference with Gru, the shot that he displays never happened. It displays the Shrink Ray and all three girls at the bottom of the image with Gru. During the actual scene, the only person in the screen with the Shrink Ray present is Gru. Additionally Edith is the only daughter whom we ever see come into view on Mr. Perkins' screen.
  • There are two minions named Kevin. A two-eyed Kevin appears in the movie Minions. One-eyed Kevin appears when he returns back to normal size after being shrunk by the shrink ray and another minion yells "Kevin!" and starts hugging him.
  • Gru states that he believes Saturday, May 26, is a bad day to steal the moon, but if the movie took place in the year it was released, which is 2010, May 26 is a Wednesday. Otherwise, it means the movie took place in 2007, or possibly the futures of 2012 or 2018.
  • Near the end of the movie, the moon resumed its full size, stranding Vector. Vector did not have a space helmet on until he'd already landed on the moon.
  • When Gru first goes to the door when the girls are selling cookies, you can see a wall of newspapers showing Gru's face and that he's a villain. After he adopts the girls, they explore the house. You'd think they'd find those newspapers and instantly know he's not a dentist.
  • The lab where the shrink-ray is being tested takes place in East Asia. However, the elephant they are testing it on is an African elephant.
  • When Gru is returning to Earth from the Moon he is seen accelerating towards the Earth. If this were to happen he would skip right off Earth's atmosphere. In fact he should be slowing down to return to Earth.
  • When Gru arrives at the moon he stops near it and then exits his spacecraft. In reality he would have to enter orbit around the moon otherwise the gravity of the Moon would cause Gru to accelerate towards it.
  • When Vector is seen on the moon he is visibly wearing a helmet presumably to provide oxygen. However, in the vacuum of space he would also need a pressure suit to prevent his blood from boiling and lungs exploding.
  • The ship and Kevin are both shown to return to their original sizes at once, i.e. without any steps in between, when the effect of the shrink ray wears off. However, the moon grows in several steps before it is finally back to its original size.
  • It is never explained how Vector knew about the girls' dance recital.
  • When Vector steals the shrink ray from Gru, it is taken into his ship's drive unit. However, later on Vector suddenly has access to the shrink ray and points it at Gru, even though the part of the ship that connects the drive unit to the cockpit would be much too small to convey an object of the shrink ray's size through it.
  • When the minions form a chain to save Gru and Margo from falling, they obviously wouldn't have fallen fast enough to reach them in time given their lower mass.
  • The end credits refer to the record label for "You Should Be Dancing" by The Bee Gees as Reprise Records, but the Minions play it on an LP record. "You Should Be Dancing" was only released on LP by the Bee Gees' label RSO Records, and Reprise Records only released it on CD in 2006.


  • After the moon is restored, it is full. So when Vector is shown on the moon, the Earth should be "new", in other words, unlit instead of half-lit.
  • When Agnes, Margo, Edith and Gru climb onto the platform during the dance scene at the end of the movie, Agnes is wearing white tights. When they are on the platform raised in the sky she is not.
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