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  • As the new guy is shooting down the knife thrower, the last 2 shots are heard, however the gun looks empty and with the slide open.
  • On the rooftop of the bookstore as El Mariachi is reloading, Carolina can be seen holding her red shoe. In the next shot she takes the red shoe off again.
  • When Carolina jumps from a roof to another one, when filmed from underneath her, she seems to have light-color (e.g., skin-like or beige) panties. When she lands on the second roof, it is clear that she wears black ones.
  • A gun disappears from the hood of the white car during the gunfight.
  • The shirt of the thug that El Mariachi pushes up with his feet during the cantina battle.
  • The candles in the bar are unlit at the beginning of the gunfight, but lit at the end.
  • The cameraman is just about visible, reflected in the cash till after bar fight
  • In the scene when Bucho's right hand man puts his brother in a street fight to test his skills, Pito snaps his right leg above his ankle. Seconds later, his brother uses his right leg for an impossible roundhouse final blow.
  • At the end of the opening credits song, the Mariachi raises his left hand to shield his eyes from the lights as he tries to see who's clapping, but the light is clearly coming from his right so his raised hand would not shield his eyes at all.
  • On the rooftop of the bookstore, El Mariachi reloads one gun and then pulls another from the front of his pants but in the next shot he only has one gun, which he is loading, and has had no time to put the other gun away.
  • After El Mariachi and the accountant slide toward each other on the bar they each fire their weapon (with both of them being empty). El Mariachi drops his gun on the bar and in the immediate reverse angle it is still in his hand, then switches back to the original angle where his gun is again on the bar.
  • On the roof after a shootout, the shadow of the microphone is visible on a wall in the background.
  • During the battle on the roof of the bookstore to the scene immediately after, El Mariachi's shirt becomes significantly less stained with blood.
  • When the rocket that Campa fires at the bullet proof car reaches the vehicle, if played in slow motion, the rocket can fairly clearly be seen to hit ground just under the front bumper, spin slightly to one side and then continue to burn, while the car explodes, marking the "rocket" as nothing more than a simple firework rocket of some kind.
  • When El Mariachi is singing his song in the bar, his voice isn't synchronized with his mouth.
  • During the street firefight near the end of the film, When Campa drops down, and flips his guitar case onto his shoulder in preparation to fire a rocket from it, there is no opening or hole at all in the end of the case. The hole the rocket fires from does not appear until 2 shots later, after another shot of the approaching vehicle, then back to Campa. It is in this second shot of Campa that the hole appears and the rocket fires from it.
  • During the bar gunfight, El Mariachi kills a fat thug in a cowboy hat as he jumps up onto the bar, and then kills the same thug again a few seconds later.
  • Throughout the film the spur can be hear on El Mariachi's right foot fall. When he appears beside Carolina in the Cafe scene when she opens the guitar case, it is not heard at all.
  • When El Mariachi is on the bar, one of his band members flips is guitar over and drums on the back of it, in the next shot when El Mariachi is back on the stage, his band member is just flipping his guitar over.
  • The number of knives in the knife-thrower's hand is consistently inconsistent with the number he has thrown.
  • Bottles on the bar are broken twice during the gunfight.
  • When El Mariachi follows the boy and slides his shoulder along the wall, leaving blood smears, in one shot you can see what look like places where smears from a previous take have been not-quite-completely scrubbed off.
  • During the bar gunfight, the fan which El Mariachi shoots from the ceiling is on/off between shots.
  • When Bucho is first visible, he says to his "Right Hand" that he wants "a close lookout on all operations." Right Hand replies, but the line is not heard.
  • During the library shoot-out, the Mariachi's shotgun - a weapon that can only hold two cartridges at a time - is fired five times without reloading.
  • During the bar gunfight, one of the thug's shirt is blown open revealing the tape used to hold the squibs in place.
  • When the guitar exchange happens, the guitar the boy gives the man in the car does not have a shoulder strap, when he gives it back to El Mariachi and when he breaks it, it has a strap.
  • When the accountant enters the gunfight at the bar and starts shooting at El Mariachi he is shooting a silenced 92F Beretta, however we hear the gunshots are not silenced.
  • When El Mariachi pulls the knives out of his arms and back, there is a crunching sound. Pulling a smooth-edged throwing knife out of his body - even through his clothing - would produce no such noise.
  • The Short Bartender uses a revolver with a silencer on the barrel. It is impossible to silence a revolver. Revolvers can't be silenced because there is a gap in the rear between the cylinder and the hammer, and a gap in the front between the cylinder and the barrel. A lot of noise from the explosion escapes through these gaps when a revolver is fired. Then again, on one occasion, it does make the sound of an un-silenced gun, so perhaps the filmmakers were acknowledging that the silencer would not work.
  • In the bar scene and the final gunfight, El Mariachi shoots more than 8 rounds from his 8-round Ruger KP-90 .45 pistol.
  • At the end of the opening credits song, Moco walks in clapping, and when he strikes the match on the guy's stubbled cheek you can see a piece of sandpaper or similar stuck to his face.
  • When Right Hand is shown crouched over the body of the knife thrower, he has a unlit cigarette in his mouth. When Bucho concludes his phone call, Right Hand stands up and the cigarette is lit.
  • El Mariachi has a vendetta against Bucho for his henchmen killing his girlfriend. Bucho had nothing to do with her murder, Moco did it and El killed him right away in the previous film. While Moco may not be quite as high ranking as Bucho, it still seems unnecessary for El to go after Bucho when he clearly had nothing to do with any murder.


  • At the bookstore, when the Mariachi and Carolina run down the stairs with the intent of leaving the building, there is no smoke coming through the door and they are both completely oblivious to the fact that the entire bookstore on the other side of the door is on fire, right up until they open it.
  • Danny Trejo (knife thrower) is shot several times by one of Bucho's guards on his chest right on his famous tattoo. When they examine the body, they open up the jacket; there is only blood, no bullet wounds.
  • The body of the bartender disappears after he is shot in the head. It later reappears slouched on the bar when Mariachi picks it up.
  • After El Mariachi has thrown his guitar case away, they reverse back in the car and he opens the door to reach down and pick it up off the road. With the height of the seat and the fact that the car has raised suspension, there is no way he would be able to do this.
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