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  • In the montage before 2015, a shot of a factory shows smoke going into the stack revealing a reversed shot.
  • During one of the scenes set in 1998 a TV in the background is shown playing an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force (titled One Hundred) despite the show not airing until 2000 and that particular episode airing in 2007.
  • A nighttime shot of 2015 downtown Cincinnati shows a lit up Ferris wheel. The SkyStar Wheel arrived in Cincinnati in 2018.
  • Early in the film, Rob is driving across a bridge, entering into West Virginia. The bridge he is on is actually the Daniel Carter Beard Bridge (also known as the "Big Mac Bridge" for it's distinctive yellow arches) which crosses the Ohio River between Newport, Kentucky and Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Recent model cars are seen in few scenes.
  • Windows 2000 starts up using the Windows 98 startup sound.
  • Near the beginning, Carla asks Rob if he still deigns to eat with "us lowly associates". Deign is pronounced with a long A sound (it rhymes with reign), but she pronounces it like dean.
  • When Rob Bilott begins to sift thru the dozens of boxes received in the discovery process from DuPont, he finds a greeting card and lots of dust. Parties in a law suit release *copies* of documents, not originals.
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