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  • Clip: Singing in Class
  • Clip: Scene in Bathtub with Connelly/Ceci/Natasha
  • Bonus Feature Clip: Talking with the Screenwriter (For BVHE.com)
  • Clip: Stuck In Elevator
  • Bonus Feature Clip: The Actors Talk About the Director
  • Clip: Bad Dream Sequence
  • Clip: Natasha/Ceci Scene
  • Clip: New Apartment
  • Clip: Ceci Attacked In Tub
  • Bonus Feature Clip: Producer Talks About Camryn Manheim
  • Clip: Laundry Room Scene
  • Bonus Feature Clip: Working with Pete Postlewaite (Mr. Veeck)
  • Clip: Elevator Scene
  • Clip: Tries to Help Girl in 10F
  • Clip: Ceci Sings with Her Imaginary Friend
  • Bonus Feature Clip: Water in the Film (For BVHE.com)