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Brooding Ronnie lives with his mother in a run-down section of Van Nuys. Unstable and isolated, he binges on popular Alt-Right vlogs and creates his own video channel on the downfall of real America. In a world where opportunities are few, Ronnie rages, fueling his anger with pornography, racism, and delusion: a toxic cocktail waiting to explode. Exploring the themes of twisted patriotism and sexual dysfunction, CUCK sheds light on 2019 Trump America and its roots in our society.


  • Zachary Ray Sherman
  • Sally Kirkland
  • Timothy V. Murphy
  • Monique Parent
  • David Diaan
  • Hugo Armstrong
  • Albert Abraham
  • Travis Hammer
  • Jessica Jade Andres
  • Patrick Malone

Did You Know?


  • Zachary Ray Sherman gained 45 lbs. to prepare for the role of Ronnie.
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  • When Ronnie goes on his own dating profile looking for a date, it mentions that he works at his friend's garage. Melanie's mentions what school she attends. Dating sites list employment statues (such as 'employed', 'self employed', 'unemployed' or 'student'), not specifics about a person's job or where they attend school unless it is written on their description.
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    • Ronnie: Who's the cuck now?
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Apr 22, 2020

Ultimately, though it hints at moments of wit, Cuck never feels serious enough to be a convincing character study and not garish enough to head into genre territory. Ultimately, this sordid tale feels both real and inconsequential.

Metacritic review by John Bleasdale
John Bleasdale
Oct 2, 2019

Initially a caustic and somewhat programmatic checklist of alt-right obsessions, Cuck becomes more tonally and dramatically interesting after it shifts gear midway through, when Ronnie's story becomes a lurid psychosexual nightmare reminiscent of Darren Aronofsky's Requiem for a Dream.

Metacritic review by Stephen Dalton
Stephen Dalton
The Hollywood Reporter
Oct 2, 2019

Cuck is powerful so long as we’re simply trapped observing Ronnie’s all-too-palpable incomprehension and childlike tantrums over his dead-end circumstances. But when those circumstances start to feel rigged, the film’s value as analysis of a hot-button social phenomenon begins to cool.

Metacritic review by Dennis Harvey
Dennis Harvey