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  • The medical examiner discusses the serrations in the wounds of a murder victim but the killer did not use a serrated knife on him.
  • The close up of the last body, you can clearly see his heartbeat in his neck for a few seconds.
  • Just before the first murder happens you can see the blood tube for a few moments as the first stabs are going into his back.
  • When the first victim gets stabbed blood is shown running off his shoulder but the knife is spotless.
  • Blonde transvestite hooker DaVinci and his brunette transvestite hooker friend are forced into Patrolemen DiSimone and Dresher's police car. When DiSimone, DaVinci and DaVinci's friend are in the back seat, Dresher orders DaVinci into the front seat for implied fellatio. Later, at the police station, DaVinci erroneously says it was DiSimone who forced him to perform fellatio.
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