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  • When Haley and her father are outside after escaping the crawl space, Haley's hair isn't blown by the wind - even though it's a category 5 hurricane that is almost toppling trees.
  • When Haley's father tells her to swim to the boat, he tells her that she can "Swim faster" than the many Alligators in the water nearby. However this would be highly unlikely as the average adult Alligator swims at speeds up to 20 mph, While 23 time Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps topped out at about 6 mph.
  • When Haley first goes to her father's condo, she's out in the rain, yet when she gets inside, she's not wet at all.
  • Shortly after Haley finds her Dad in the crawl space under his house, the amount of dirt on her father's face changes from shot to shot.
  • Alligators don't hunt communally. They also don't build underground nests because they need sunlight to keep the eggs warm. And female alligators try to seek secluded areas away from humans and other alligators to build their nests.
  • The crawlspace is ringed by a series of decorative lattice made by brick appearing weakly held. Any series of sharp bangs could easily make hole(s) large enough for the two to escape to the outside. There was a toolbox, pipes, etc. for available implements.
  • All vehicles display a front license plate, a dead giveaway this is not set in Florida, since only rear plates are provided there.
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