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Goofs from Court Jester (1956)

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  • During the tournament, Sir Griswold's mace is clearly flexible.
  • When the unconscious guards are being lifted up the staircase, the cords pulling them along are clearly visible.
  • During Hawkins' swordfight with Ravenhurst, Hawkins runs offscreen. When he does, his sword is clearly in his hand, but when he slides down the stairs, it's gone.
  • When Hawkins is in Gwendolyn's chambers, the fur rug and the rose repeatedly change positions between shots.
  • When Maid Jean and Hawkins are as merchants and stopped by the king's men, Jean's hand jumps from Hawkin's arm to his chest.
  • During Hubert's big "out-fox the Fox" number with the little people, he leaps into a tree and then runs down a thinning branch which is clearly supported at its end by two metal struts. In the next shot, these struts are hidden behind the little people as they form a human pyramid, which Hubert is on top of.
  • When Hawkins and Ravenhurst are fighting at the end of the movie, Griselda and Gwendolyn appear in a doorway facing them. But when Hawkins and Ravenhurst are on the battlements, they've disappeared. When Hawkins falls off the battlements, they're still not there, but in all the subsequent shots, they are.
  • During the tournament between Sir Griswold and Hawkins, when Sir Griswold lops off Hawkins' helmet, the helmet's visor opens and a head can be seen inside the helmet. Then Hawkins' head is shown emerging from his armor.
  • When Hubert and Maid Jean are nearing King Roderick's castle, Sir Ravenhurst and Sir Locksley watch their arrival through telescopes, an invention of the 17th century.
  • During Hawkins' sword fight with Ravenhurst, Hawkins cuts the candles in half with a swipe of his sword. As the candle pieces fall, the portions of the candles that remain appear to have been cut at an angle. As the scene cuts to Ravenhurst then back to Hawkins, the angle of the cut candles is gone and the candles appear level and to have been cut in half evenly.
  • When Sir Griswold and Hawkins walk to the table for the toast, their shadows cover the drinking vessels. When there is a close-up of the cups, the knights' shadows are gone and the shadows of the cups are now falling *towards* the knights. In the next shot, the knights' shadows are over the cups again.
  • Hawkins is pulling the glove off of Giacomo's raised hand and a camera angle change occurs, Giacomo's hand is against his body.
  • When the lightning strikes Hubert's armor, a spur is shown sliding down the bench to stick to the magnetized armor in a close up shot. Afterwards when he is told to get into his armor, the spur is still visible on the bench, instead of being stuck to the armor.
  • As the jester is to enter the banquet, he realizes the child is in the basket. As he is escaping, a guard stops him. At 53:17, the guard shoves him into the banquet hall by spinning him clockwise, yet as he enters the hall, the jester is spinning counter-clockwise.
  • During the "They'll Never Outfox the Fox" number Hawkins finds a "most wanted" poster of the Black Fox. At 9:44 he begins ripping the paper and handing the pieces to his circus friends. On the first rip, the foley work is behind the action, so we don't hear the first rip until after Hawkins has started to tear it. On the third "rip", although we hear the sound of the rip, the paper does not actually tear.
  • During Hawkins and Ravenhurst's fight, the safety buttons on the tips of their swords are visible in some shots.
  • During the tournament scene, a servant is shown holding a tray in front of him with two metal drinking vessels of the same height. A moment later, the same servant is holding the tray to his side. One vessel is silver with a figure of a pestle on it. The other is shorter, and is now clear crystal, showing the wine inside it.
  • In the jousting scene, the weapons that each has are said to be a "mace and chain" (a spiked iron ball held to a stick via an iron chain) - that is a modern term though. The weapon is more accurately called a 'flail' and that is the medieval term for it.
  • Bespelled by Griselda, Hawkins is in his courageous mode when he swings by Ravenhurst's room. When he's going through his manly spiel, he mistakenly says, "I never leap when I can walk," which should be "I never walk when I can leap."
  • Griselda says that the chalice from the palace is a little crystal chalice with a figure of a palace. When the chalice is shown, it is neither little, nor is there a figure of a palace on it.
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