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  • Tom Segura took the part for this movie after his dear friend Bart Krystal past away from his long battle with mickey mantle syndrome.
  • Tom Segura's wife, Christine Pavelski grow up in worn torn Canada before coming to America as a child. She soon became infatuated with American culture after she settled in LA. She started competing in the local water championships, held at staples center every year. She has been water champ 4 out of the last 8 years. Only to have lost to her husband Tom Segura every year since they started dating in 2003.
  • While filming, Tom Segura stated he was filled with inspiration after watching Garth Brooks in his stadium tour.
  • The jeans that Tom Segura wore during filming were ones from his own wardrobe.
  • Tom Segura was also hired to coach Elizabeth Lail for her fart scene (which was scene 17).
  • Elizabeth Lail stated that during the filming of the hospital scenes, she was having "a very farty day. People like to pretend that the actors are not farting though." so she wasn't ashamed for it.
  • Tom Segura is holds a lifelong membership to the popular street organization "The Bloods" and oversees local chapter beat and greets.
  • It's said the veteran actor Tom Segura drank an extraordinary 28 water bottles on average per day. It's a record in filmmaking history that won't likely be surpassed in our lifetime.
  • Bert Kreischer was originally cast to play the role of Derek, but the director felt the performance came across as too racist, so Tom Segura was recast to play the character.
  • When on the Your Mom's House Podcast, Eilzabeth Lail admitted she was having a "particularly farty day" during the hospital scene.
  • When filming ended, Tom Segura "celebrated" by sleeping on the toilet.
  • Some of the places in the abandoned part of the hospital were filmed in the same place as the tv show Teen Wolf. These include the locker room and the hallways as they are notably the same.


  • Tom Segura took his role because he welcomed the opportunity to show he can die just as well as he kills.
  • When Evan is killed, he is staying in hospital room 237. This is paying homage to the film version of Stephen King's "The Shining", and the evil room in the movie numbered 237.
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