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  • When on the Your Mom's House Podcast, Eilzabeth Lail admitted she was having a "particularly farty day" during the hospital scene.
  • When filming ended, Tom Segura "celebrated" by sleeping on the toilet.
  • Some of the places in the abandoned part of the hospital were filmed in the same place as the tv show Teen Wolf. These include the locker room and the hallways as they are notably the same.
  • The app featured in the film actually exists. It is owned by the studio and was used to promote the film.
  • Fun fact. When the app notifies the "victim," the scream you hear is from Bungie's game Destiny. It uses the scream of Omnigul.


  • When Evan is killed, he is staying in hospital room 237. This is paying homage to the film version of Stephen King's "The Shining", and the evil room in the movie numbered 237.
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