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    • Norval Greenwood: I don't think I liked him. He called me a rat-fucker, among other things.
    • Norval Greenwood: Semen contains more protein and nutrients than an ear.
    • Ronald Plum: I'm kinda breaking the fourth wall here, but I have this theory: bad guys have eyes that look like raisins. Small and dark, you know?
    • Norval Greenwood: I'm not someone you can pigeonhole, if I'm completely honest. Do I produce blazing beats? Yes. Do I tinkle the ivories? Yes. Do I promote high-profile events pertaining to music and the performance of music? Yes.
    • Brian: You're going to have to dislocate my thumb, I'm afraid.
    • Jethro: I fucked her. I fucked her in an abandoned factory, to be precise. But I lost my erection. Because from certain angles, she reminded me of Michael Heseltine. Michael Heseltine, if you're wondering, is a British politician from the 1980s.
    • Brian: You ever picked a lock before?
    • Norval Greenwood: Once, in school.
    • Brian: What happened?
    • Norval Greenwood: I didn't get it unlocked. But I found the key in my bag, so it was okay.
    • Jethro: I'm outta here like Vladimir!
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