Color Out of Space

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After a meteorite lands in the front yard of their farm, Nathan Gardner (Nicolas Cage) and his family find themselves battling a mutant extraterrestrial organism as it infects their minds and bodies, transforming their quiet rural life into a technicolor nightmare.


  • Nicolas Cage
  • Joely Richardson
  • Madeleine Arthur
  • Elliot Knight
  • Tommy Chong
  • Brendan Meyer
  • Julian Hilliard
  • Josh C. Waller
  • Q'orianka Kilcher
  • Melissa Nearman

Did You Know?


  • Richard Stanley's first feature film in more than 20 years since the infamous The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)
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  • Ward Phillips states that "Most meteorite disintegrate in the atmosphere." This isn't correct. A Meteorite, by definition, is a rock from space that impacts the Earth's surface. A rock that burns up in the atmosphere without reaching the surface is a Meteor. And a rock randomly drifting through space is a Meteoroid.
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    • Ezra: Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Cold and wet. But it burns. Sucking the life out of everything. It came down in the rock. It lives in the well. It grew down there. Poisoning everything. Changing everything. Into something like the world it came from. Into what it knows. We all know it's coming, but we can't get away. It's got everything that lives. They all drunk the water. It got strong. Fed itself on them. It came from the stars... where things ain't like they are here. It's just a color. But it burns. It sucks, and it burns. It burns.
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Atom User Reviews

Verified Review

This was terrifying, fun, and best Lovecraft adaptation for big screen I have seen!



Jan 23, 2020

The result is a cheerfully lurid mess that goes goofily off the rails after a slow build, and will offer few surprises for adepts of Lovecraft or of screen schlock.

Jonathan Romney
Screen Daily
Jan 23, 2020

As things grow more dire and mad for the Gardners, don’t be surprised if you find your eyes starting to water and your head starting to pound. It’s not an altogether pleasant experience, but it’s probably the exact sort of nightmarish, unquantifiable situation that would make H.P. Lovecraft proud.

Chris Evangelista
Sep 12, 2019

A satisfying shot at bringing a classic of the sci-fi/horror genre to modern audiences. ... Hitting the main plot points with well-designed SFX and some impressive night photography, Stanley's film manages to be frightening indeed, even with star Nicolas Cage’s semi-farcical leavening adding some nutty laughs.

Metacritic review by Deborah Young
Deborah Young
The Hollywood Reporter