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  • Richard Stanley's first feature film in more than 20 years since the infamous The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996)
  • Richard Stanley nurtured the idea of bringing H.P. Lovecraft short story "The Color Out of Space" to the screen since 2011, but always had trouble finding financing. He pitched the project to investors at Fantasia Film Festival in July 2013, but had no success. Things changed in September 2015, when it was announced that production company SpectreVision had came on board to produce. After three years of silence, while doing promotional interviews for Mandy (2018), producer Josh C. Waller surprised everyone announcing that the project was still alive and kicking, and it would begin production in early 2019.
  • Richard Stanley wrote an unproduced biopic of writer H.P. Lovecraft called "Providence".
  • Nicolas Cage always wanted to make a Lovecraft adaptation as tribute to his Dad who was a big fan of Lovecraft
  • The third collaboration between Cage and XYZ after the highly acclaimed horror-comedy Mom And Dad (2017) and the cult hit Mandy (2018).
  • The same producers of the cult hit Mandy (2018).
  • Both Nicolas Cage and Joely Richardson were in Snowden (2016)
  • Richard Stanley's favorite Cage movie is Vampire's Kiss (1988). He asked Nicolas Cage to use the same style of performance.
  • Nicolas Cage was going to work with Richard Stanley in Dust Devil (1992)
  • Both Nicolas Cage and Richard Stanley at one point of their life went into a search for the Holy Grail
  • On the wall in Benny's room are the words "No flesh shall be spared." This is a reference to director Richard Stanley's previous film "Hardware" (1990).
  • In a Q&A with Richard Stanley, Stanley claimed that the film would be the first of a trilogy, with a Dunwich Horror adaptation coming next.
  • One of Nathan Gardner's (Nicolas Cage) children is played by Julian Hilliard. Hilliard is the son of Arianne Martin, who played Cage's daughter in Drive Angry (2011).
  • Lavinia has a paperback copy of the Necronomicon in the film: the book "Necronomicon" itself was a fictional invention by H.P. Lovecraft, but in 1977 a pseudonymous author called "Simon" published a book by the same name - this book is the one Lavinia reads from during her ritual.
  • In the original short story, Nahum Gardner has three sons: Thaddeus, Merwin, and Zenas; in the film adaptation, Nathan has two sons, Jack and Benny, and a daughter called Lavinia. "Lavinia" is also the name of a character of another H.P. Lovecraft character in his novel "The Dunwich Horror".
  • The logo for the WARK news channel that interviews Cage's character is very similar in design to Lovecraft's original Elder Sign.
  • Director Richard Stanley and Swedish filmmaker Henrik Möller apparently performed a ritual to the Lovecraftian god Yog-Sothoth while in the Pyrénées to get the film made.
  • Producer Josh C. Waller removed all of Richard Stanley previous collaborators from the projects so Stanley had to work with mostly complete strangers. He stated that this was for the better in the end: he felt he never had a better or more sympathetic crew.
  • The narrator's name is Ward Phillips. (Ho)ward Phillips Lovecraft is H.P. Lovecraft's full name.
  • The simulation that Benny is playing with on his computer before the asteroid strikes is a real game called Universe Sandbox 2.
  • When Ward was listening to the strange noise recorded on audio magnetic tape, Hunter Jake commented, "See, I knew no one would believe me unless I got it on Memorex." Memorex was one of the largest audio and media tape cassette manufacturers in the 1970s and 1980s. The company was well-known for its clever slogan, "Is it live, or is it Memorex?", and for ad campaign, featuring the famous singer, Ella Fitzgerald. She sang a note that shattered the wine glass while being recorded to an audio cassette tape. Then, the tape played back her singing, which shattered another wine glass. The consumer shift to CD and DVD in the 1990s led to Memorex's demise.
  • The color used in this film to represent the alien color is magenta, a color that does not exist from a single wavelength of light as part of the color spectrum of visible light. Rather, it is an extraspectral color, that is only perceived by humans in a specific interaction of the optical rods in their eyes that detect red and blue colors in specific circumstances to create the color magenta in their minds.
  • The weather report playing on the television while Lavinia is washing dishes mentions Arkham, along with Innsmouth, Dunwich, and Kingsport - all settings of different H.P. Lovecraft stories.
  • A Marlon Brando film is playing on the TV at the end which Nathan Gardner says he knows by heart. Marlon Brando starred in The Island of Dr. Moreau (1996) in which Richard Stanley was the original director.
  • Ward tells to Nathan,that he is from Providence...Providence is the home town of H.P Lovecraft and the place that he spend almost all his life..In his gravestone it is written: 'I am Providence'
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