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  • Unlike the original, this movie will not include humor and will be an action/thriller re-imagining of the 2014 movie source material
  • The movie was moved to Fortress Mountain in Alberta and then on to Cranbrook, Fernie and Vancouver B.C. for filming.
  • In early 2017, the film was refused a permit to shoot in Banff National Park in Alberta, Canada. The explanation given was that Parks Canada objected to the antagonist of the film being an aboriginal Canadian. Even the actor playing the role, popular aboriginal Canadian Tom Jackson, could not sway the government agency's opinion, and the production was moved out of the park.
  • Liam Neeson has stated this will be his final action movie role.
  • The film is a remake of Kraftidioten (2014).
  • Hans Petter Moland directed the original Kraftidioten (2014), and returned to direct this remake.
  • Filmed in March 2017, but not released until February 2019.
  • Laura Dern And Liam Neeson have both appeared in the Star Wars Franchise movies
  • The New York premiere for the movie was canceled after Neeson made controversial remarks in an interview to promote it. On the movie's theme of revenge and how it can consume somebody, he said that he had once spent a week looking for a random black man to kill, in revenge for the rape of a friend by a black man.
  • Laura Dern appeared In Jurassic Park (1993) while Liam Neeson appeared in Schindlers List (1993) two movies directed by Steven Spielberg in the same year.
  • The resort town where Nels operates out of is named Kehoe. Possibly coincidentally, the town bears the name of the one of the earliest perpetrators of a mass school shooting in North American history, Andrew Kehoe, the psychotic bomber behind the Bath School Disaster of Bath, Michigan.
  • In the movie, a character discusses giving a review of a hotel on "Yelp". In the UK trailer, he says instead "TripAdvisor ; which is a similar organisation, but in the UK it is much better known than Yelp. However, in the UK theatrical release, he still says "Yelp".
  • In this movie, the screen wife of Liam Neeson's character, is Grace ( Coxman ) ; in the "Taken" series of movies, the screen daughter of his character, is played by ( Maggie ) Grace.
  • Domenick Lombardozzi and John Doman both starred on The Wire (2002)
  • One of the characters in the movie makes fun of the sexual nature of Nels Coxman's name. In the original Norwegian film of which this is a remake, the main character is called Nils Dickman.
  • Domenick Lombardozzi and John Doman both starred on The Wire (2002)


  • Body count: 25.
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